On The Rocks and then some

It’s been long enough since the last update in English. So let’s get to it!

Like we last worte, we played a show at On The Rocks, Helsinki last Friday. And like we hoped it was the best show in a while. It’s always awesome to play there since the stage is a bit bigger than your average rock venue in Helsinki.

And you know what?! There were people there. A lot of people. And a lot of new people that we don’t usually see on our gigs. So that’s pretty cool. And what we heard a lot of the people enjoyed the show too.

It’s a bit of a shame we didn’t get any video from the gig. We tried to but the people that usually shoot our live videos couldn’t make it this time around. We can’t really film ourselves while we’re playing a show you know… Maybe next time!

But! We made an awesome gif backstage.

This week we’re playing in Lappeenranta. The venue is called Lucky Monkeys and it’s pretty much the place where bands play there for what I understand. We’ve played there once before and it was fun. We didn’t know what to expect but ended up having a great gig and a decent crowd.

So let’s hope we’re gonna do as well this time too!

We also confirmed a new gig at the Wirtaus 2012 festival in Virrat on April. There’s also a Swedish band called Self Deception playing there. So that’s pretty cool.

So far the confirmed upcoming live dates look something like this.

9.3.2012 @ Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta Finland
31.3.2012 @ Uniikki, Tampere Finland [Acoustic]
14.4.2012 @ Lepakkomies, Helsinki Finland
21.4.2012 @ Wirtaus 2012, Virrat Finland
25.4.2012 @ Arabian Nuorisotalo, Helsinki Finland
15.6.2012 @ Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu Finland
We’ll try to get some gigs booked outside Finland. But as you might guess it’s always a bit tricky, so we’ll have to see how that goes.
Anyways. This month’s acoustic song is coming along. We’ve still got some vocals to record and the video to be done. But that’s about it then.
Hope you guys can make it to some of our gigs. And hope to hear from you guys in the comments or on Facebook!

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