Great gigs coming up

If you’ve been following what’s happening you probably already know we’ve got some pretty sweet gigs coming up. Now let’s see…

So where should I begin…? One of the most exiting news – at least to me – is that we’re playing with Freak Kitchen at Elmusrock 2012 festival at Pyhäjärvi, Finland. Freak Kitchen is a swedish band I’ve spent a great deal listening to back in the day. I would’ve never guessed we’d be sharing a stage with them. So that’s pretty amazing!

We pretty much covered most of the upcoming gigs in the last post. One addition is that we’re playing at Bar Bäkkäri on April 30th. That’s Vappu – May Day celebration – here in Finland. So you could think that’d be pretty cool. And it probably will be. We’re obviously playing an acoustic gig there the next day as well. So that’s twice as cool, right?

And next weekend we’re playing Wirtaus 2012 at Virrat, Finland. There’s also a swedish band called Self Deception there. They’re pretty good. You should check ’em out!

Besides having awesome upcoming gigs, we also had one just now. We played at Lepakkomies last Saturday and I think it was one of the best gigs in some time. The stage there isn’t too big but the atmosphere was great. We even played a new song and someone put it to YouTube already. Hah. It’s all good.

Anastacia from Especial bands took some pics.

Here’s the video…

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