New live dates and an acoustic video

Hey yous!

I would normally start off by saying how long it’s been since the last update in English. But I’m not going to do that now! Oh wait… I just did.

Jokes aside, a lot has happend since I last did this. Personally I went on a surprise vacation to a place that looked pretty much like this. I think it was only a couple of weeks ago, even though it feels like a couple of months now.

After getting back to Finland, we pretty much took off where we left. We’ve done some touring and announced some new live dates as well.

To get that off the way. Here are the upcoming live dates so far.

14.04.2012 @ Lepakkomies, Helsinki (k18)
21.04.2012 @ Wirtaus 2012, Virrat (s)
25.04.2012 @ Arabian Nuorisotalo, Helsinki (s)
27.04.2012 @ Pakilan Nuorisotalo, Helsinki (s)
19.05.2012 @ Yläkaupungin Yö, Jyväskylä (k18)
06.06.2012 @ Pihlajamäen Nuorisopuisto, Helsinki (s)
15.06.2012 @ Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu (k18)
21.07.2012 @ St. Elmus Rock, Pyhäjärvi (s)
10.08.2012 @ Aukio12, Lohja (s)

Those are all in Finland as you might have guessed.

We went to Lappeenranta and that photo is pretty much all the good we got from that trip. The gig itself was a total disappointment with almost no people there at all… Well, that happens. But you’d still wish that they’d be arranged so that there’d at least be some people there.

We had fun though. We always do. Doesn’t matter if there are two or a hundred people there, we’ll always have a good time. And we got to shoot the latest acoustic video on the way to Lappeenranta. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out now! And if you have… well, watch it again!

We actually played a show at On The Rocks before that even came out.

That was our second time there within a month. And like always, it was all good. On The Rocks is such a great venue to play at. I think it was one of the best gigs in a long time. I wouldn’t say that the place was packed but the atmosphere was overwhelming. People were singing along and were definitely more active than your average crowd in Helsinki on a Thursday night.

So that was pretty cool. At this point I think I’ll post some pics below and get back to you when that’s done.

Those pics were actually taken by Christina who was visiting Helsinki from New York, I think. From what I understood, she was just randomly visiting On The Rocks and happened to catch us there. I don’t think she had heard of us but she told us she enjoyed the show very much. She took some pics on her iPhone and sent them to us. So here they are.

You know what’s pretty cool at On The Rocks as an artist? You get to have coke in a glass bottle. And you know, that’s the only way to really drink coke.

And yeah… I was really talking about Coca Cola.

But you know what else we found that night. Angry Birds soda. Yeah! That’s pretty cool.

For some strange reason they didn’t keep it cool at the supermarket so it was all warm and not that good… It wasn’t bad by any means but just too warm. We’ll have to give it a try again later.

Following that train of thought. Juho has done a couple of new iPad videos. The latest being about – yeah you got it – Angry Birds. The new Angry Birds Space namely.

And hey! You know what? Otto got endorsed by Istanbul cymbals and Regaltip drum sticks. That’s pretty awesome. If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Google+ you probably knew that already. But still. You can read about it on Musamaailma’s site. Musamaailma is the dealer of Istanbul and Regaltip in Helsinki.

Now where were we… Oh yeah. We went to Tampere last weekend. We had an acoustic gig for all ages there. And I think it went pretty damn well. We hadn’t had the time to practice that much but we sounded pretty good. You might even take it from the people who were there.

And the whole trip to Tampere and back was a blast. And! We got to drink coke from a glass bottle. That’s probably the most important aspect.

So there you have it. Might be the longest thing I’ve ever written in my life. Again.

Check out the upcoming dates above and come to see us play if you’re around! See you!


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  1. kirjottaisitte useemmi englanniks ni voisin korvata läksyt näide lukemisil :DD !

  2. The most important aspect of life is…. coke in a glass bottle? Mindblowing. 😀

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