Began shooting a new video

Gonna keep my tight schedule here and do this thing in English as well. Not too much has happened since last week. We’ve been mixing the new song and practicing some. I’ve also had a bit of a flu and that always sucks…

But one thing we did get going was that we started filming our new music video yesterday. We had to wake up early as hell. I mean way too early for a Saturday morning. But there was a reason for that. We were shooting a scene where we were supposed to walk in the middle of a street so we couldn’t have cars driving the street while we were trying to do this thing. So that’s why. When you get up early,  there’s no one there.

We almost had some big problems with the whole thing right from the start. It was supposed to be a sunny day. Just like we’ve wanted to. But there was a heavy fog all over Helsinki that morning. I don’t know what it was and why on earth it decided to choose the very morning we were trying to shoot a music video. But it looked like Silent Hill at some point…

Well… Ok, maybe the black and white imagery does exaggerate the effect a bit. But it was foggy.

But luckily enough the fog went away and we could start shooting. And everything went pretty smoothly after that.

The thing is not even close to finished yet though. We still have to shoot a couple more scenes and get some footage of us playing as a band. That’s the most tricky part since we can’t shoot that ourselves. Because we’re playing, you know. So we have to have some people to help us out and that always requires some organizing. But we’re getting there. Let’s hope we have a video ready for you guys by the end of the summer.

And yeah… Jesse says hi!


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