Elmusrock 2012

Since I promised an English update every week and it’s Sunday with no posts in English so far, I’m gonna do this one in English. Might write a little something tomorrow in Finnsh…

So we played at Elmusrock yesterday. It was a small festival in Central Finland, about 450km from Helsinki. It took a good five hour drive at least for us to get there. But the weather was pretty good most of the time so it was ok. The drives are always the best part anyways. Just put the music as loud as you can and you’re alright. Right?

We got there pretty quickly, so we had time to hang around some time before it was our showtime. They had some pens and paper on backstage so Juho and Otto decided to draw each other. They might’ve been there for writing setlists but whatever… Here’s how they turned out.

Here’s Juho’s impression of Otto.

And here’s Otto’s of Juho.

Those two did all kinds of stupid things backstage. Like trying to eat a sandwich whole as a one bite. You can guess it didn’t go as well as planned…

But we eventually made to the stage and had a blast. It was nice to see some new faces and especially those who were singing along. If there is someone singing along you know it’s worth it.

After our show we checked out Nimetön and some of the LoveX gig.

And then the long way back home. Music blasting through the night and four boys of MadCraft singing along classic tunes as loud as they can. Great times. By the end of the trip things got a bit tired but we made it home early in the morning.

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