What a week

Like I promised last week I’ll try to post an update in English every week. I kind of wondered if we would even have anything to share every week. Well, we definitely have. This week at least.

First things first. And the most important one. Like I might have mentioned earlier we are recording a new song at the time. And I’m most happy to tell you guys we’re almost there. We recorded all the main vocals earlier this week and got rest of the lead guitars recorded today. So that leaves only the backing vocals. Those we’re gonna do next week.

After that it’s just mixing, mixing and mixing. Then we’ll shoot a video for it and after that we’re about ready to let you people hear and see all of it. It’s a real feel-good song and has some new elements that we haven’t emphasized earlier but it’s definitely a MadCraft song. You’ll see!

The fact that we’re recording a new song doesn’t meen we’ve stopped doing anything else. No sir! We’ve been active as hell!

Since last week we’ve released a new drum cover…

…and a new Acoustic Video.

And last weekend we travelled over 600km to Oulu to play a show. That was the same day we had to release the Acoustic Video and almost didn’t make it. There was something wrong with exporting the video so we had to leave it to export to Dropbox and leave to Oulu. So we got the video exported and uploaded finally at the venue just before the gig. But you know. If you promise you’re going to release a new video on Friday you’d better do everything in your power to make that happen. And we did.

So next week we’re going to finish up the recording of the new song and get ready for our next gig. It’s gonna be a festival with Freak Kitchen and Lovex as headlining acts. Needless to say it’s gonna be pretty cool.

Be sure to enjoy the Summer! Get back to you next week.


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