Almost there

This has been an interesting week. Most of the time I’ve spent mixing the new song and I’m glad to tell you guys we’re almost there with it! Just sent the first mixdown to mastering. Maybe do a couple of tweaks to it and then we’ll just have to wait it to be mastered. I’m pretty satisfied how it turned out. Let’s hope it’ll sound even better when we get it back.

We did have a gig in Lohja, Finland on Friday. It was an outdoor gig at the town square. The weather was a bit cloudy but we were glad to see that there still was relatively many people there. We played there last year and this time there were more people around so we must have done something right. Right..?

After we got back from Lohja we had a few hours to get some rest before we had to head to the rehearsal place for an online show on Google+. It was the first one we’ve done. On Google+ or anywhere online. So it was pretty exciting and we had to spend some time making sure everything was working.

It would’ve been alright if it hadn’t been 5am in the morning. Yeah… We had to wake up pretty early. But most of the hangouters were from North America so it was Friday night for them. Well, everybody else except for us were from out there.

I think everything went ok. It was fun and interesting at least. We could try to improve the sound quality and make sure we have a fast enough connection to stream decent audio and video in the future. But all in all we didn’t have any technical difficulties and met some cool new people. I hope we get to do some more Hangout concerts in the future.

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