Hitlantis Video of the Week and then some

So we got our new video for Everybody Say out some time ago. I hope you already knew that. Well, if not… Dude keep your eyes open when on Facebook! Nah… Just kidding… Here it is in case you missed it.

The video got voted as Video of the Week in Hitlantis for this week. That’s pretty cool. You can find it in the middle of the whole thing. You should also add yourself as our fan on Hitlantis if you already haven’t. Check out account here.

So what else..? Besides amazing fan art obviously.

We had a good couple of gigs in the past two weeks. Especially the Single Release Party at Bar Bäkkäri and the one in Gloria last Saturday were great.

And like Juho wrote yesterday, they had an awesome table football game at the backstage in Gloria. And they had a tennis ball in addition to the normal one to play with. And of course Otto had to start throwing the ball around until the lamp came crashing down from the ceiling… Well that was that then..

Next week we will be playing a couple acoustic gigs in Helsinki. The next rock show will be at Lepakkomies, Helsinki on Oct 27th. Our UK show got postponed but we’re working for some more dates till later this year. Let’s hope we get them confirmed asap.

That’s that. See you later!

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