One hundred gigs and a couple of drum covers

We passed our 100 Gigs mark last week. That’s pretty amazing. I mean, we put this band together a couple years ago and thought it would be cool to play just as much gigs as we could. Well, we did pretty good last year playing over 50 gigs. We just kept pushing ourselves and thinking if we keep this up we’re gonna pass 100 next year. And so we did. Wow.

And you know what? You know why it’s so great? Playing gig after gig?

It’s because every one of you. Every time people come to see us play makes it worth it. That’s just the best thing in the world. Being able to play your own songs and having someone actually come and see you play.

Picture: Nina–Jasmin Korpi

The 100th gig we played was at Forum Shopping Center, Helsinki last week. It was an event with a couple of band playing acousticly and some other happenings. It was pretty fun to play in a mall. It was especially fun to see a lot of people there.

One of the best things was the food though. You can see what I talk about… And we even got pizza by the end of the day.

Juho shot a short vlog about it. You can check it out below. Subtitles are available by clicking the CC button.

And now we’re going to go to the UK. We have 3 dates confirmed to the end of November with The Vindickers and These Days. That is too awesome. The Vindickers dudes are just amazing fellows helping us out and making the whole thing possible. A huge thanks goes to them.

We’ve also been busy doing new drum cover videos. We already got a couple new ones up. You can check em out below.

Next week we’re supposed to begin finishing up the last songs on the acoustic album. Let’s hope we do good and get them done as soon as possible.

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