Acoustic album and more

I’m gonna take a second from playing Angry Birds Star Wars. Now now, it’s a good game! Not going to stop my Sum 41 marathon though. Just going to let it play in the background as I let you guys know what’s hot in the World Of MadCraft (pun intended).

If you’ve been following us on social media (like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter) you probably know that we’re working on an acoustic album. Well, we’ve been at it the past year almost since we began releasing acoustic songs monthly earlier this year. Now we’re just about finished. There’s going to be the six tracks released earlier and two new songs – one of them a completely new song never heard before.

So that’s pretty exciting. The new song is now recorded and mixed. We still have a video to shoot and we’re ready to release the beast. Well I guess it’s not a beast pre se, more of a chillout-feelgood-kinda song. But it’s catchy as hell. Believe me!

We have the release planned before Christmas. The release of the new music video will happen sometime during December.

We’re also playing an acoustic gig this Saturday in Tampere at Uniikki. It’s a cafe in the center of the city. It’s a free event for all ages, so everyone’s welcome! Showtimes at 8pm.

And it doesn’t end there. We’re playing an acoustic gig online over the internet. It’s a Hangout show on Google+ with Artists In The Plus and takes place on Saturday November 24th at 2PM EST. That’s 9PM Finnish time. The Hangout can be viewed by anyone on the Artists Of The Plus Google+ page. Check it out for more info as Nov 24th gets closer.

And after that… It’s UK baby! We’re doing three shows in the UK in the end of November. That is just way too cool! So stoked to get to play some shows abroad. We’re hoping to play more countries during the next year.

What else..? Well Otto’s been active and done a ton of Drum Covers lately. Here’s some of the latest. Until next time!

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