Ready for UK

Alright hey! Just a few days and we’re off to UK to play three shows. We’re also playing in St. Petersburg Russia on December 6th. The exciting part is that we applied for Russian visas last week and they said we can come and get them next wednesday. That’s the day we’re leaving to UK. And they have our passports. So we better hope they really have them done then. But I guess they do since they said that they would.

We did a Hangout show on Google+ with Juho yesterday. That was our set for the show. You’d figure some rollups and the backdrop would be enough. It went alright I guess. They were having some issues with the audio codec on the Hangout so the Studio mode didn’t work for some reason. That’s why the audio is a bit tricky at some points. But it was fun anyways. If you missed it, you can still watch it on YouTube.

We also got some CD’s of the Everybody Say singles. They’re 4€ a piece + postage if you want it via mail. You can also get them on our gigs. The CD single has 4 songs so it’s definitely worth it. Here’s the tracklist.

1. Everybody Say
2. All I Want (Is You)
3. Everybody Say [Von Mämmi Remix]
4. All I Want (Is You) [Albert Repo Remix]

And this happened too! Over 200 000 views on YouTube. That’s pretty sick!

We’re working on a new music video as we speak. And Otto has done some new drum covers so a lot of exciting stuff is going on.

I guess that’s the most of it. Hope to see some of you guys on the UK or the Russian gigs. Or here in Finland. What ever suits you the best!

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