Here and there

Sorry about the not too frequent updating of the blog lately. Couldn’t do it on the road and now I’ve been just delaying it for nothing. Well, maybe not for nothing. Have had a bit of a flu and been mixing the previous acoustic songs for the upcoming acoustic album.

Anyway. We went to St. Petersburg last week and played a show there. Our first one there and the first one in Russia in general. I don’t know if you can generalize Russia though. It’s a big – rather huge – country. St. Petersburg felt like Helsinki but like a hundred times bigger. Endlessly long streets to every direction. Imagine that. It does have the population of the whole country of Finland so I guess it needs to be big.

The show itself went alright. The venue was a real underground rock club right in the center of St. Petersburg. And even if the schedule didn’t quite keep up, it was nice to see people there when we started to play. So despite the flu we all had, it was fun to play. Like it always is.

Got back safe and sound. Right now we’re concentrating on finishing the acoustic album and after that we’re going to start recording some new songs.

We also have a couple of gigs coming up still this year. We’re doing an acoustic online gig as a part of the Artists In The Plus Music Festival on Google+. It’s going to be this Sunday at 2pm EST, that’s 9pm Finnish time. More info on that on the official event on Google+.

Besides that we are playing one show in Finland on Dec 22nd at Ellivuori, Sastamala. You can find info about that on their Facebook event.

Ps. Lolled pretty hard for this sign on the Toilet door at FishFabrique…

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