We’re back! …and off again

We got back from UK on Monday and have spent the last few days recovering from the trip. The tour went fine. We got there and back in one piece and even got our gear with us – even if we might have had some doubt with that on the way back. Some of the staff on the airport weren’t sure if we should be allowed to bring our guitars to the cabin with us. Even if we did so just fine on the way there. Anyway, we got them to fit just fine and got them back just fine.

We spent the first night in London just hanging around and seeing the city. On Thursday we spent some time sightseeing and traveled to Bournemouth after that. That is where the first show of the tour was.

Bournemouth was a Summer town with beaches and hotels. The only problem was that it was freezing cold. And dark by the time we got there. The venue was a local club near the beach. Everything went alright. Even if we were a bit cold since they kept the doors open the whole time. We thought we were supposed to be able to endure the cold but I guess the English are a lot more hardcore when it comes to that.

After the gig we drove to Hastings with The Vindickers guys and spent the night there. On Friday we drove back to London to play Nambucca. It was a tight scheduled show with six bands playing. We were playing last so we had good time to hang around in the venue and talk to some fans.

The last show was in Hastings which was the home town of The Vindickers dudes. We took a “4 or 5 minute walk” from the B&B that turned out to be a 45 minute walk to the venue. But we got to see the town so it was pretty cool. And not just the temperature, I mean.

The last show was definitely the best one of the tour. The best bands, the best crowd and the best after party. All in all everything went great.

We’re going to write some more stuff about the trip later and release some video blogs we shot during the tour. But first we’re heading to St. Petersburg to play a show there tomorrow. That will be our first time in Russia, so it will be exciting.

Talk to you later!

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