Free Delivery on MadCraft merch at Spreadshirt

Right off the start I want to tell you guys that you still have about two days left to order some amazing MadCraft merchandise from our Spreadshirt Store and get free delivery on anything you might want to get. The offer stands from January 28th to 30th so there’s still some time left. But be quick though!

You have to use the Voucher Code FREELOVE in order to get the discount. Head on to and get yourself something nice!

What else… Well the long-time-in-the-works acoustic album is getting closer and closer to release. We kinda got into a phase for a while where we’d start to re-mix some of the songs since the later ones sounded so much better. And we would have to go back and record some additional vocal tracks since some songs had more backing vocals than others and thus sounded much better when put onto the same album.

But! We’re now pretty much finished. Not much to do but to fine tune some volume levels on some songs and try to decide the order for the tracks. So it will be out on iTunes and Spotify etc. soon enough! Well you can always listen to the original ones on YouTube so no biggy right..?

We got a new drum cover out this week. Or actually it was last week since it was Sunday but anyways… Otto did two songs off the new Blink EP and this is the first one. If you ask me it pretty much kicks ass like a thousand gigawatts!

And we’re almost done with the recording of a new song. I mean a completely new and proper all-out kick-ass song. That is so cool. And the song is so good. It has a big catchy chorus and a sweet sing-along part and some tight and fast as hell drumming in between. Something new and something old. And it’s so much fun to play live. Can’t wait to get that one mixed and released so you get to hear it!

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