Happy New Year!

First things first…

Happy New Year!

To all of you awesome people.

It’s been an amazing year with a lot going on. When we started 2012 we didn’t even know if we were going to find a new bass-player or not. Feels like that was ages ago. We’ve come a really long way from that. Because right now there’s no doubt about it. We’re going strong!

I mean we did play right about 50 gigs this year and got over the total of 100 earlier this year. We’ve been playing all around Finland from Helsinki to all the way to Oulu. From London to St. Petersburg. That’s just incredible! It’s hard work of course but it’s still a lot of fun.

And what really makes it worth it, is all of you!

We got to release a new song with a music video by the end of the summer. Otto played a ton of Drum Covers And we got a dozen of acoustic songs and videos out too. The latest being a completely new song.

We’re almost there with the mix of the acoustic album and will be releasing as soon as possible. All this Christmas thing kinda got in the middle of it. But we want to make it sound as good as possible before putting it out. Since we recorded all the songs separately, it needs just that extra bit of attention to get everything just right. But don’t worry. I’m busting my ass off here. And we have one more sort of new song on the album for you guys!

We hope you guys had a great year 2012 and wish you an even better one for 2013. Hope to see you on the road!

-Tom & the MC boys

Ps. Here are the past shows for 2012:

22.12.2012 @ Ellivuori, Sastamala
16.12.2012 @ AITP Music Festival, Google+
06.12.2012 @ FishFabrique, St. Petersburg (RUS)
01.12.2012 @ Flairz, Hastings (UK)
30.11.2012 @ Nambucca, London (UK)
29.11.2012 @ On The Rocks, Bournemouth (UK)
24.11.2012 @ Hangout-gig, Google+ [acoustic]
10.11.2012 @ Uniikki, Tampere [acoustic]
02.11.2012 @ Dubrovnik, Helsinki [acoustic]
27.10.2012 @ Lepakkomies, Helsinki
27.10.2012 @ Private Party [acoustic]
12.10.2012 @ Pakilan nuorisotalo [acoustic]
11.10.2012 @ Forum, Helsinki [acoustic]
29.09.2012 @ Gloria, Helsinki
28.09.2012 @ On The Rocks, Helsinki
21.09.2012 @ Rauhanasema, Helsinki [acoustic]
20.09.2012 @ Bar Loose, Helsinki
15.09.2012 @ Bar Bäkkäri / Green Room, Helsinki
01.09.2012 @ Paloheinä -tapahtuma [acoustic]
28.08.2012 @ Cafe Mascot, Helsinki
25.08.2012 @ Club Liberte, Helsinki
24.08.2012 @ Roihiuvuoren kyläjuhlat [acoustic]
10.08.2012 @ Auki012, Lohja
30.07.2012 @ Ruis-partioleiri [acoustic]
21.07.2012 @ Elmusrock 2012, Pyhäjärvi
29.06.2012 @ Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu
15.06.2012 @ On The Rocks, Helsinki
08.06.2012 @ Bar Bäkkäri / Green Room, Helsinki
06.06.2012 @ Pihlajamäen nuorisopuisto, Helsinki
30.05.2012 @ Pakila-päivä, Helsinki [acoustic]
25.05.2012 @ Sveitsin Uimala, Hyvinkää
19.05.2012 @ Yläkaupungin Yö, Jyväskylä
10.05.2012 @ Cybershop, Helsinki [acoustic]
07.05.2012 @ Espresso Edge, Helsinki [acoustic]
01.05.2012 @ Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki [acoustic]
30.04.2012 @ Bar Bäkkäri / Green Room, Helsinki
27.04.2012 @ Pakilan nuorisotalo, Hki [acoustic]
25.04.2012 @ Arabian nuorisotalo, Helsinki
21.04.2012 @ Wirtaus, Virrat
14.04.2012 @ Lepakkomies, Helsinki
31.03.2012 @ Uniikki, Tampere [acoustic]
29.03.2012 @ On The Rocks, Helsinki
09.03.2012 @ Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta
02.03.2012 @ On The Rocks, Helsinki
25.02.2012 @ Rokkikellari, Helsinki
24.02.2012 @ Malminkartanon nuorisotalo, Helsinki
04.02.2012 @ Private Party, Helsinki [acoustic]
03.02.2012 @ Silta, Hyvinkää [acoustic]
27.01.2012 @ Kathrina, Helsinki [acoustic]
21.01.2012 @ Base Bar, Helsinki
07.01.2012 @ Gloria, Helsinki

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hello guys, are you gonna visit other european countries this year? Can’t wait to see you live!

  2. Hi Mina! We’re going to play a couple of gigs in Czech and at least one in Germany in May. You can always find the latest live dates on http://www.madcraft.net

    Here are the ones so far:
    15.03.2013 @ On The Rocks, Helsinki (FIN)
    16.05.2013 @ Cross Club, Prague (CZ)
    17.05.2013 @ Zum Haber, Osterhofen (GER)
    18.05.2013 @ Zlatá Hvězda, Vimperk (CZ)

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