Happy Song – New Music Video Out!

So if you’ve been around at all recently, you probably already know that we have a new single out accompanied by an official music video. Entitled “Happy Song” you can find the single on iTunes, Spotify and sorts. The video can be found on YouTube. Why don’t we check it out right about now?

The video got featured on the Artists On The Plus website as the Video of the Week. Also sites like Kaaoszine, Pop-Punk’s Not Dead, Infectious Magazine and I Am Drum gave their shout-outs for Happy Song. So much love goes to them.

If you have a blog, zine or whatever, post the video to your readers! And if you’d like to do an interview, big or small, we’d be more than happy. Hit us a message to madcraft(a)madcraft.net

We had a blast shooting the video. But obviously the whole thing with recording and mixing the song, shooting and editing the video is a huge amount of work. So it feels really good to have everything finished and out for you guys to enjoy. We also made a new website to go with the single. It can be found at the same old address www.madcraft.net – go check it out!

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