It’s in the Game – Talking about NHL and other games

We have some really exciting stuff going on at the moment. I can’t tell you guys anything yet but if all goes according to plans we might have some really cool stuff to announce in the near future.

In the meantime I’m gonna go out on a limb here and talk about something that has not so much to do with the band. But it has a lot to do with my – and probably each of our lives. Gaming.

As you probably know. And hey you should after watching our new music video at least. We like to play video games. We usually play some NHL before we have a show in Helsinki and I for one got really excited for NHL14 after seening this.

I’ll admit I am a bit of a retro fanatic. I’m the one who plays Super Mario Lost Levels on 3DS Virtual Console and tries desperately to get through each level with a thousand save loads. But yeah. Who can honestly say that doesn’t look awesome as hell?! Anyone who played the original NHL94 at least…

I remember playing NHL94 with my neighbours’ Sega Megadrive and then getting NHL95 of my own. When you look at those games now they seem ridiculously arcadey but back then it felt like the most amazing thing ever. The only other ice hockey game I had been playing before that was a DOS game called Face Off. And I didn’t even know what was happening on the screen half of the time.

There’s been a couple other trailers that have gotten me excited lately. Like GTAV and Assassin’s Creed 4. But I think I’m going to save them for later. Might as well post something about them too. Something’s better than nothing, right?

Do you guys like to play games? Which ones are you excited about?

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