Opening for Bam Margera! …and Instagram

So I’m gonna let you in on some things that have happened lately. You know that you should be updating the blog more often when you got a problem of giving each post a title because the posts have more than one thing going on.

Well anyway. The biggest thing since I don’t know when is probably this. We’re opening for Bam Margera and his band on Virgin Oil Co. here in Helsinki. That is huge!

I mean we’ve played with some somewhat big names here in Finland and even shared the stage with some Scandinavian names like Freak Kitchen, Sister Sin or Self Deception. Shout out to those guys by the way. Self Deception totally rocks!

But Bam Margera?! That guy is a legend. If you ask Otto, I bet he would never have guessed when we watched Jackass all those times in between sound checks and shows, that he would be opening for the very man from the TV screen. So goes without saying that we’re totally stoked about it.

Bam Margera is Fuckface Unstoppable will be playing at Virgin Oil Co., Helsinki on August 2nd. The doors open at 10pm and showtime’s at 10:30pm. Tickets 25€ beforehand and 28€ at the door (if any left). Age 18+.

We’ve got some other pretty cool shows coming up as well. Probably the most exciting one being the show in Bergen Norway in September. It’s a show as a part of the Artist In The Plus online festival. Only this time around it’s not just online but has three actual live shows that will be streamed across the globe. Two shows in the US and one in Europe, namely in Bergen Norway. And we’re a part of it! That is so cool.

AITP has been growing insanely rapid for the past year or so. They have over a Million followers on Google+ at the moment. I mean that is just crazy. Big props to everyone making the AITP festival come together.

And hey! Remember you will always find the latest live dates from our site. Be it a show in Finland, Norway or anywhere else, you’ll find it at

In other news. You can now find us on Instagram! We go by the account name MadCraftOfficial. Super original, I know! But tells you pretty indefinitely what you get. If you own a smart phone, the odds are you’re on Instagram and you should definitely be following us right about… now! Awesome.

And if you take a closer look into what’s been posted up there, you’ll find out that we’ve already started recording some new songs. And we’ve actually managed to get the drum tracks for one of the songs last week and will be recording another one later this week.

With the limited time we have for recording new stuff we can’t be laying still. And that’s what we’re not doing so there you go. Hopefully we get at least one of them out in like two months or something. It all depends on how much we have upcoming shows and all that.

But all in all we’re pretty excited for the song under way. It’s always nice to get new material out of your system and onto tape. Even if we’re recording directly to a hard drive.

I guess that’s pretty much it. Remember, you guys can feel free to comment if there’s anything you’d like to read about or just wanna let us know you’re out there.

Come to the Bam Margera gig. Follow us on Instagram. See you around!

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