Alone together in Hyvinkää



We had a little different show today. We as in me and Otto. We got asked to play at Elojuhlat in Hyvinkää earlier this week and since it was in such a short notice and Jesse and Juho were away today, we went and played with just the two of us.

It was kinda fun even if it was a bit scary. I mean it’s always fun to play but it’s tricky to play the songs with just one acoustic guitar and cajon. I usually don’t even play in many of the parts on our normal acoustic set but today I had to obviously play all the time. And try to think of a way to play the songs so that they made sense with only one guitar.

I guess we did okay. You can be the judge of that.

Tomorrow we have another acoustic set at Paloheinäpäivä in Helsinki and Jesse will be there to accompany us. It’s always the most fun when we have the four of us around so the more the better. Hope to see some of you there tomorrow.


Briefly in Finnish:

Tänään käytiin Oton kanssa soittamassa vajaamiehityksellä Hyvinkään Elojuhlilla. Saa aina hetken miettiä, että mites nää biisit saadaan toimimaan vaan yhdellä akustisella ja cajonilla. Mutta meni vissiin ihan ok. Voitte tehdä tuomionne yllä olevasta videosta. Koko keikka tiivistettynä 15 sekunnin videoon 😀

Huomenna soitetaan Paloheinäpäivässä, Paloheinän ala-asteella, Helsingissä. Soittoaika klo 14 ja tapahtuma ilmanen ja kaikille avoin. Nähdään siellä!

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