Friday Playlist: Best Pop Punk Songs pt.1

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So we got an idea! We’re gonna create an awesome playlist for you guys every week and write something about why we decided to go with those songs.

For the first playlist we decided to go big and wide. Best Pop Punk Songs is the name of the game. I don’t think you can fit best songs of any genre into just 12 songs so we’ll probably have a pt.2, pt.3 and pt.100 later. But let’s give it a shot. Here goes!

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1. Forever The Sickest Kids – Take It Slow
This was the first song I heard from FTSK and they quickly became one of my all time favorite bands. It’s an awesome song on an awesome release and has one of the best hooks ever.

2. A Day To Remember – All Signs Point To Lauderdale
One of my favorite songs from A Day To Remember that fits nicely under the Pop Punk genre. The song has great vocal harmonies throughout and the break down in the middle still gives me shivers every time.

3. Hit The Lights – Drop The Girl
I could pick any song from this album here. That’s just how awesome it is. Just like FTSK, Hit The Lights is one of those bands that have amazing melodies on their vocals. And the hook in the chorus is just perfect.


4. Last Day Before Holiday – Explosion (feat. Fabry from Melody Fall)
Just listen to that chorus, vocal hooks just can’t better than that. This song is also a proof of what happens when you use featuring vocalists – at the same time it’s the best song of Last Day Before Holiday and Fabry / Melody Fall, which is kinda sad.

5. New Found Glory – Hit or miss
This was my first touch to New Found Glory, and introduced a way how breakdowns can be used in easier music. In the end this is not their best song, but at least it’s the one that made me watch every American Pie (except the last one which really sucks) and Orange Is The New Black (which is almost like American Pie because of Jason Biggs).

6. All Time Low – Lost in stereo
I think Nothing Personal somehow defines the whole pop punk genre, and it is really impossible to go better than that. I chose this one out of the first four tracks, because it’s the most straightforward, and its chorus has also gotten its place in my vocal soundcheck.


7. All Time Low – Dear Maria, Count Me In
This one is the perfect Pop Punk song that stays in your head for weeks. This is the song that introduced me to the rest of All Time Low.

8. Fall Out Boy – A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Litte More “Touch Me”
For me it’s next to impossible to pick a best song from Fall Out Boy. But if I have to pick one this song has always been the real deal for me.

9. Four Year Strong – Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday)
I’m not sure how much of a POP Punk song this one is but definitely one of my favorites. Enemy Of The World is an album that raises my spirits every time!


10. All Time Low – Weightless
The song that opens the album that introduced me to one of the best bands ever.

11. New Found Glory – Better Off Dead
If there’s a list for best Pop Punk songs, there just has to be a song from NFG’s self titled. And this song is a fast one so it’ll do just fine.

12. Blink-182 – Shut Up
No Pop Punk list without a Blink song either. This one has the best drums out of any Blink-182 song.

That’s it. If you guys have ideas of genres or bands we should make playlists of, hit us up with a suggestion. What’s your favorite Pop Punk song?

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