MadCraft Goes Wanuvarock 2013!



Okay, it was friday and we were going to play in Wanuvarock! Since it was in Varkaus, and we’d have to drive almost four hours to get there, we had to leave early. We agreed that we’d be at Otto’s place somewhere around five, since our showtime was somewhere around ten. Tom even said to me “be on time”, and I sure was.

I was there 15 minutes before Jesse arrived. We talked about some iPhone apps or games (of course) and about our spreadshirt page. We thought we should take a picture with which we could show to you guys what you could buy from there. So here it is, go and get your own and post a picture of it to instagram with #madcraft hashtag!

After a while Otto came, and the only one that was missing was Tom. And not so surprisiginly he was stuck in a traffic jam, which would delay our departure. Well, we had to figure out something to do. Obviously Otto came with an idea, and soon he started asking do we smell anything. He asked it several times until we checked out what he was actually doing… he was burning hair from his hands and legs. Even though that smells awful we encouraged him to continue with his quest.

Thank god Tom arrived soon, and we could leave. We went to get our stuff from our rehearsal place and thought we would be just in time. Sadly that’s far from the truth, since we got stuck in traffic jam again and it took something like an hour for us get out of Helsinki. But we were hopeful that we will still be early enough in Wanuvarock.

Everything went fine until we noticed that at one point we had taken a wrong turn. We had to figure out an alternative route to Varkaus, and just hold our breath and hope we would be on time. Sun was going down and we were in the car missing the golden hour. We checked all the time from the Google Maps how much time it still takes, and had to take some calls to the organizer and inform them about current the situation. They told that the place must be silent at half past ten.

In the end, we were there about the time we were originally meant to start. There were guys waiting for us and we put our stuff together on the stage in 15 minutes and had 30 minutes playing slot. We had an awesome show, the stage was great, the weather was cold enough and we were just able to end it before the place had to be silent. Well, actually one minute after that.

After the show we hanged out there for a while meeting our fans. It was awesome to see that there were people in the audience that could sing along all our songs. That’s something I couldn’t do, since I really don’t know the lyrics… After a while we were ready to leave back to Helsinki. If you want to see photos of the rest of the trip, head to our Instagram profile @madcraftofficial. I can guarantee there’s some weird stuff over there.

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