New drum cover: Blink-182 – Go

Hi folks! Here’s a new drum cover from the same old Blink-182. The track is entitled “Go”!


I’ve been listening to Blink’s self-titled album pretty much lately. Me being a fan of older Blink, some of the songs on the album lean towards a bit too experimental domain, but it has some really cool drum parts. Having said that I have to admit that Travis experiments a lot on those songs too, but for a drummer that’s only inspiring. He’s got a nice loop style going on. So let’s conclude that the self-titled is an inspiring album from a drummer’s point of view.

Now I guess we’ll have to do more drum covers from that album in the future. “Go” was an easy track I learned quickly to fill in the extra time we had during recording the drum cover for MadCraft’s own track “Happy Song”, which I hope you’ll check out immediately!
“Go” has a very relaxed groove with the straightforward quarter note bass drum pumping. It enables you to concentrate on the arms better. My favourite part on the song is definitely the little bridge on 0:59. The ride pattern is a simple but very cool paradiddle, where you play the left hand accent on the backbeat snare. It’s a great example of Barker using subtle rudiments on beats.
The toughest part was the snare roll after the aforementioned bridge. The end of the roll is really supposed to be played with alternating hands with left hand leading the accenting, instead of the flam type thing I’m doing on it. I’m not sure if it’s easier that way though.

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