Pics from Virgin Oil Co. opening for Bam Margera

So I finally got around going through the photos from Virgin Oil last week.
We played a show opening for Bam Margera is Fuckface Unstoppable. And I have to say that’s what it really was. Fuckfaced and unstoppable. But even if half of the front row was naked and drunk as hell the rest of the band was really solid and on top of their game. So just the right mixture of crazy-assed unpredictability and tight rock grooves. This one is a rock show worth checking out!
Our show? Yeah, it went pretty well as well. One or two hiccups here and there. I managed to break a string on stage just before we were supposed to start playing. So I had to change to my Ibanez S-Classic and play with that one. No biggie. It’s a real good guitar and I love playing with it. I actually recorded guitars on a song with it just now since my Jem is out for maintenance.
But all in all it was awesome. I mean what can you expect? The stage was bigger than the average stage we play on. The house was full and it’s always fun as hell to play a show like that. We had some critics in the audience but towards the end even they started to bend. And everybody else seemed to have a good time the whole way through.

Hope you guys enjoyed the show as much as we did. And I definitely hope we get to play a lot more shows like that one!
Thanks goes out to Minja Smura for the awesome photos!

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