Playlist: Best Blink-182 Songs

Alright! Time for another playlist. You guys ready?

We’re continuing with the Best-Songs-formula. This time it’s all about the Best Blink-182 Songs.

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1. Wendy Clear
Totally awesome intro and verse in all their simplicity. Intro is just one riff which sounds dull when played alone, but with bass the combination is just awesome. This approach would have also worked on the other parts of the song, sadly guitar doesn’t stay on only one chord during the verses.

2. What’s My Age Again
Intro/verse riff could be considered as a tutorial of how to make a Blink-182 song. Or at least that’s what they told me in YouTube before I made my own.

3. Happy Holidays, You Bastard
Compared to all those new 4 minute long Blink-182 songs, this feels fresh since it’s so short. It was also one of the nicest drum covers to shoot.




4. The Rock Show
I think this is the right way to do pop-punk song! Just listen to this?! C’mon, you just can’t beat it! I just love how the bass sounds on this one, gnarly!

5. Don’t Leave Me
Full of energy, good melody and great lyrics! What else do you need? I also love how the bass drum plays 8th notes on the verses!

6. I Miss You
I remember listening to this when I was younger. I bet I had it on some mixtape and I didn’t even know what band it was, But it was awesome! I always have had a little soft-spot for lovesongs…



7. Anthem
For me it’s obvious that Enema of the State is the number uno of Blink-albums. It has the right mix of punk and catchiness and it’s still played with amazing skill. As the last song of the album, Anthem is also one of the most versatile tracks of Enema. It’s got almost the best fast parts of any Blink song. A catchy chorus with nice twin vocals by Tom and Mark. The main vocals by Tom represent the best output Delonge has ever offered. Served with nice teenage punk lyrics the dish is perfect!

8. Enthused
Dude Ranch is a punk album, even the mainstream haters have to admit that. But it sure is Blink even without Travis. Enthused has a perfect fast punk vibe, just listen to the intro and fall in love. Especially the guitar parts are heavenly good right from the start. Actually I think Delonge couldn’t play them nowadays with his cello-looking emo guitar. 😉

9. Heart’s All Gone
Take Off Your Pants and Jackets -album is a classic, sorry for not picking a song out of it. I tried to tackle the obvious by including a track off from Neighborhoods. I think Heart’s All Gone, out of all the tracks on the album, becomes the most close to older Blink-songs. From the moment I saw Barker play this song on the music video, I knew that he hasn’t rusted at all. He just keeps on getting even more brilliant and stays ahead of my skill.



10. Not Now
This is my favorite song from the self titled album. And it’s so weird that it’s a bonus song since it’s one of the best Blink-182 songs ever. It’s a good example of the style I wish they would’ve taken more on the recent albums.

11. Please Take Me Home
My definite favorite of Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. I love the beat in the verse. It’s different and so groovy. No one besides Travis Barker can come up with something like that. The song is the perfect Pants and Jacket era Blink song.

12. Dumpweed
The opening song of one of the best pop punk albums ever. The drum beat in the verse is again great and the chorus is an awesome fast but catchy chorus.

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  1. Mahtavaa! Blink on mulla ainakin yks suosikeista ollu tässä jo jonkin aikaa ja ihan mahtavaa musiikkia c:

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