RoadWorn – Fernandes Ravelle Elite



I just read the custom-sounds blog, and especially the post about Von Herzen Brothers. Of course it’s nice to see what those guys are using on the stage, but demonstration of the buckle rash on the guitar made me smile. On the video they say it shows that this guitar is used for rocking. Well, after that I looked at my Fernandes Ravelle Elite, which I bought as used three years ago. Seller said he was sorry about the small crack on the neck, but well, today the whole guitar looks a bit different.



On the top there are only few cracks, but on the sides and back there’s a lot more damage to be proud of. I don’t know why the top is so hard to be worned, guess I just have to try harder.




As you can see, Ravelle has suffered a bit during these years, but still, and because of that, it is a my favorite guitar. Later we have to check out how other gear have survived roadworn, I’m sure there will be some marks of intentional accidents, except on the gear of Otto and Jesse, which I believe are still in mint condition.

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