RoadWorn – Ibanez TS808


This time we’ll check out the TS808, which is Otto’s favorite pedal alongside with Boss NS2. When compared to Ravelle it is as good as new, but even though I have used it on my rig all the time, there are only few scratches on the corners and random mess on the top. Explanation to this could be that I press it on during the soundcheck and leave it that way to the end of the show.

I use TS808 as a booster in front of my amp, and as I said, it’s on all the time. I feel that it’s totally useless to start changing any sounds during a gig, since there can only be one best sound. Only sound changes are done with pickup switch, which is set to neck position when notes go over the 12th fret and otherwise bridge pickup is used all the time. This is exactly the same as what Yngwie does, so it has to be the best solution. Additionally, when there’s no need to step on the pedal board, it can be kept next to the amp and away from the feet.

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