10 000 views



Heyyyeah! We’re past 10 000 views on our music video for Happy Song on YouTube. That’s pretty sweet if you ask me.

Of course 10k is not the point to stop. So let’s get that baby up to 20k next. Right?!

Why not share it on Facebook or Twitter right about now? That’s the spirit!

We’re also nominated for Artist Of The Month on Artists In The Plus. All the help is really appreciated so go and vote for us here. Thanks a bunch!

Speaking of Artists In The Plus. We’re heading to Norway to play at the AITP Festival’s European event next Saturday. That’s crazy and exciting. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for some updates from Norway next weekend.

See you guys!

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Vocals and guitars in MadCraft. Also record, mix and produce music. Make videos. Take photos. Design websites. Chill on social media. Love video games.

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