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Like I worte yesterday, we had another acoustic gig today. It was at Paloheinä which is a suburb area in northern Helsinki. They had a day event where they had all kind of happenings and one of them was us. In all our glory.

And despite what you see in the photo Jesse was there too. He was the one taking it in fact.

And just like I predicted yesterday. The more the better. Having Jesse there already made the gig way better than yesterday. Performance-wise at least. And there were some really cool people who had traveled just to see us play. That is always something so amazing. :mrgreen:

Next up we’ll have three weeks to continue working on some of the new songs we’ve been recording lately. We have two originals and one cover with the drums, bass and backing guitars recorded at the moment. Next up we’ll need some vocals and lead guitars and then I’m off to mix those suckers.

We got some pretty cool pics from our show in Varkaus last week. You might’ve caught the one above on our Instagram. I think I’m gonna post some of them here tomorrow.


Briefly in Finnish:

Käytiin tänään Paloheinässä soittamassa akustisesti. Jesseki pääs messiin ja tuntu, että setti suju heti noin kakskyt kertaa paremmin. Ja oli siistiä nähdä siellä tuttuja kasvoja, jotka oli tullu matkan päästä kattomaan 🙂

Seuraava keikka oiskin sitten kolmen viikon päästä, joten saadaan tulevat viikot taas valmistella uusia biisejä, jotka on työn alla.

Ja pari ihan siistiä kuvaa tuli Varkauden keikalta. Pistetään varmaan huomenna tännekin niistä muutama.

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