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So, here we go again! I would like to talk about some great bass sounds on punk/pop music. Last time I talked about basses and now I will make you listen to them!


1. Mark Hoppus / Blink 182

Surprise? I think Mark’s sound is one of the most iconic pop/punk sounds out there. Really bright and clear sound that sticks out from the bands mix really easily. Notice also how Mark plays chords almost all the time just to support the bands overall sound. Nice! Mark has his own signature bass that has a jazz bass neck and body BUT a really hot output Seymour Duncan Precision pickup. Just listen to his playing. Winning!

2. Matt Freeman / Rancid

There’s punk-bass and then there is Matt Freeman! He is just BEAST with his bass. He is playing his late 70’s precision bass like no other. He was the first punk bass player that I really took notice and started to check out. Matt has really bright and trebly sound just like Hoppus, but he has MUCH more attack on his sound… I mean, he always sounds so aggressive on his bass. In a good way. Also, it’s amazing how melodic bass lines he plays through these really fast and hard-hitting songs. Every bass player should listen to “Maxwell Murder”‘s bass solo at least once!

3. Zack Merrick / All Time Low

After two precision bass players I want to show you some Jazz bass sounds! In my opinion Zack is THE guy with the great “signature ATL sound”. He plays with his fingers instead of a pick and that’s how he gets that really nice, big, boomy, soft bass sound! He’s also using Aguilar amps that I use too… They are just the best amps I have ever played and I think Zack agrees! Bass sound in punk is not always about stickin’ out from the band but supporting it, and this is where Zack really hits a home run!

4.Greg K / Offspring

Ok, one more! It would really be a mistake NOT to include Greg on this list. He has played his Musicman-style Ibanez ATK basses for ages and I think everybody has heard his playing at some point. He plays with a pick and has this really mid-scoop bass sound. Almost no attack at all, but really bright treble and big bass. He’s that guy who doesn’t play much and is always in the background but I think he is doing his job really well! Greg’s playing is just so “in place” that I just have to love it. Listen to the bass sound… smoooth!


What’s your favorite bass sound? Share it with us on the comments! Any questions? Fire away!

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  1. Haha, is there chorus on the Greg K bass sound!

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