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We were recording some more guitars last sunday with Tom. Even though there are tons of different modelling technologies out there for guitar recording, we decided to go the old school way. Instead of just plugging the guitar into the audio interface and record the direct signal, we plugged our guitars in to our amps and used Shure SM57 to mic the cabinets.

Marshall DSL 100

Marshall Vintage Modern

Just like always, we dialed two different sounds: one using Tom’s gear and one using mine. We have quite similar setups, we’re both using a tuner, a noise suppressor and a tube screamer in front of our marshall stacks. As I told earlier, mine is Marshall Vintage Modern and Tom’s is Marshall DSL 100.

As you can see from the photos of the pedal boards, Tom is using a Bad Monkey (which he’s borrowing from me) while I’m using the TS808. We both started out with the Boss TU-2 as a tuner, but then switched to TC Electronic Polytune. I can’t remember why we did that, but I think it was something like Tom’s tuner not working well and I just bought a new one because he got one.

Bad Monkey

Ibanez TS808

However, everything is not done in the recording stage. We left all modulation effects and delays out of the recorded signal, since they can be added later in mixing. I know some people are using effect processors for those too while they are recording, but we definitely don’t feel that they are such an essential part of our sound that there would be any reason to do that. Besides you can get way cooler delays and what not this way.

Apple Macbook Pro


Presonus Firepod FP10

But hey, we got it all recorded in an extremely short time! There’s still some phases, like vocals, mixing and music video shoots in the way, but after those we’re ready to release some new material! At least, I can’t wait to hear our new songs fully recorded. They’re gonna be awesome!

Tom MadCraft


Briefly in Finnish

Nauhoteltiin sunnuntaina vähän lisää kitaroita! Kuten aina ennenkin, tälläkin kertaa päätettiin nauhottaa oldschool-tyyliin mikittämällä kitarakaappi, eikä käyttämällä mallinnoksia. Mikitettiin meidän molempien kamat, ja koska meillä on erilaiset laitteet käytössä, tulee sen seurauksena myös kaksi eri saundia. Erilaiset modulaatioefektit ja delayt jätettiin suosiolla lisättäväksi vasta tietokoneella, koska ne ei ole kuitenkaan mitenkään ratkasevassa osassa meidän biiseissä. Parempi siis lisätä ne myöhemmin, jolloin niiden määrään ja laatuun pääsee myös vaikuttamaan enemmän.

Ongelmilta ei tietenkään taaskaan säästytty, kun Tomppa hukkas kitaransa ties minne. Siitä huolimatta saatiin kitarat purkkiin, ja ollaan taas askel lähempänä uusia julkasuja! Jee!

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