New All Time Low song: A Love Like War – The good and the bad

All Time Low have just released a new song called “A Love Like War” with Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil featuring on the vocals. The song is taken from the second edition of Don’t Panic: “Don’t Panic It’s Longer Now”.

We all love All Time Low – especially the first two albums – so we decided to let you guys know how this one resonates with us. Check out the video below and find out if A Love Like War is our new favorite!



All Time Low goes the same route as many of today’s big pop artists first releasing an album with about ten songs and then rereleasing the thing as a second edition with some extra songs. So the new song sounds a lot like Don’t Panic. In good and bad. I think we were all somewhat dissapointed with the sound on Don’t Panic and the same goes here. I don’t know if it’s the mastering or why but A Love Like War sounds more flat and plastic-y than the bigass, punchy sound of Nothing Personal or some of the songs on Dirty Work.

What I do like is the song itself. I’m not too crazy about the verse but the chorus is great. The only thing bothering me is that the best parts in the chorus are sung by Vic Fuentes who is only featuring on this song. Well, to say “only featuring” isn’t really right in this case. And that’s why it’s a bummer. He’s doing a great job – don’t get me wrong – but ATL is Alex singing and that’s what I would’ve loved to hear on this song as well.

I love the drum work on this one. The laid-back feel in the verse and the upbeat chorus. I think Rian is at his best at these type of songs. Some of the fills remind me of songs like Weightless and that is always a really good thing. I also like the small touches in the production like the “hey hey” hiphop shouts in the bridge of the song and the vinyl effect in the intro.

I don’t think this song beats any of the songs on Nothing Personal but definitely kicks ass to some of the songs on Don’t Panic and Dirty Work. Next let’s hear a song with more Alex on the vocals and even more that Weightless feel and I’m happy!



They say Vic Fuentes feats on this song, but it’s really hard to tell there is actually an other singer if you’re not watching the video. Of course I don’t know that guy and his band, so it’s harder to recognize his voice. There’s a nice vocal hook on the chorus, and the different parts and transitions in between them are very smooth. However, I wish All Time Low would leave the minor chords to us Finns and concentrate on the good vibes.

I didn’t really like the sounds of this song. Earlier the overall sound of All Time Low was very thick and bassy, and I definitely liked it that way. Bass sound on Nothing Personal was the biggest ever and it made the whole album sound so awesome. Additionally, I didn’t like those guitar sounds. Similarly to the whole song, they are too clean, thin and loud. The vinyl stop effect is still quite nice and makes the sound different from everything else, even though it feels overused after the first verse.

The video is great, there’s nice colors, it looks USA in its high quality production. Slidecam idea is cool and makes watcher to wait what is gonna happen next. I especially liked those parts were the rest of the group were sitting on the movie theater chairs while Rian “Weeman” Dawson was playing drums in front of them.

In the end, song is okay if you watch the video at the same time.



I think I speak on behalf of the four of us by stating, that during the recent years All Time Low has been on an edge for my taste. Having discovered the band in 2010 during the Nothing Personal era, they just haven’t done anything better since that one. However, after the dull Dirty Work, the latest album Don’t Panic had nicely fresh songs and seemed to be steering towards the right direction. My hopes went up especially after hearing some of the interviews about their label shift back to Hopeless. Seems like ATL felt the same of Dirty Work as I did – it was something out of their style.

After a statement a but always follows. So, was Don’t Panic a smooth re-entry to the style of Nothing Personal? It wasn’t, but I think it’s as good as the modern ATL gets. After all it is inevitable that a band has to change with the surrounding trends, I guess.

On to the new song, A Love Like War. Early this morning I got a message from Tom that ATL has a new song out. I checked the video out immediately, and was not disappointed at all. But that’s mainly because the video itself was cool. I’ve always liked how ATL keeps all four guys on the foreground. My favourite part was on 2:19 when Jack pours “a little” popcorn on Rian’s drums. I wouldn’t want to be the one cleaning the kit after the video shoot!

The second I saw the featuring singer, I recognized him to be the face of Pierce The Veil. Right after that second I raised a fear of some metalcore or screaming part on the song. Luckily my fear proved futile. One can really see on the video, that Vic Fuentes is a buddy of the ATL guys, and that’s the main reason for featuring. Usually feats try to make use of big names. That’s why Mark Hoppus is still welcome to feat on one of our songs!

As it goes with the other new ATL songs, the drum parts are nicely on the front. That is for a pop song I mean. For example Boys Like Girls have ditched the acoustic drums for some Apple loops, which is sad. I love it how Rian still manages to keep the drums genuine and complex, since I can imagine how a Swedish pop producer tells him to switch to an electronic kit and fourth notes. Even in this song there’s still time for fills and cool drum patterns, like the one on the chorus.

I don’t know why, but coupled with the dark lighting on the video, the song has a bit mournful after taste. It has more desperation than happiness.

Reversing back to the moment of hearing about the new song from Tom, I feared I’d missed the hype for a new ATL album. Seems I hadn’t, since it’s some kind of an extended version of Don’t Panic. I really don’t get it why major bands do these double releases nowadays?! The whole phenomenon seems to be wrapped in money. Making money is, however, an old culprit to blame. That’s why I arraign the buyers.

Put simply, it doesn’t make sense to me why people would buy the same album twice. I guess this has something to do with the exact opposite – people NOT buying albums. So, a band makes an album and hope that people buy it. Then the same album is released again with new songs with hopes to get even more plays/views for the old song?! Why can’t the new songs be on a new release? It must be that the more songs you have listed on Spotify, the more plays you’ll probably get. No matter if the list actually contains multiple copies of the same songs… If this is the solution to salvage the album as a format to publish music, it makes me lose what could be the last remnants of faith in the future of full-length albums.

So that’s it. What do you guys think about the new song? Let us know in the comments!


Briefly in Finnish:

All Time Lowlta tuli uus biisi “A Love Like War” ja videokin löytyy postauksen yläpäästä. Meistä kaikki diggailee ATL:ää, etenkin paria ekaa levyä, joten ajateltiin pistää vähän fiiliksiä uudesta biisistä.

Biisi oli selkeesti hyvä tai ainakin jatkoa parempaan suuntaan Dirty Workin materiaalista. Rianin rumpukuvioista tykättiin ja vinyylistopit on edelleen aina jees. Se missä tämä Don’t Panicin kakkoseditionilla julkaistava biisi ei loista, on ne samat Don’t Panicin soundit. Minne katosi Nothing Personalin jyräävä ATL-basso? Tilalla on haurasta näkkärisoundia, josta pelkää koko ajan että hajoaa käsiin kun on niin ohutta.

Otto innostu vielä kritisoimaan tuplajulkaisujen tarpeellisuutta. Tuplajulkaisujen siis siinä mielessä, että julkaistaan sama levy kahdesti.

Kaiken kaikkiaan biisi oli jees, rummut varsinkin jees ja video hyvä. Mitä mieltä te ootte?

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