Playlist: Best All Time Low Songs

This week we’re sticking with the All Time Low theme. Since they released a brand new song earlier this week, we’re going to list our favorite songs from ATL. Let’s go!

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1. Jasey Rae
A classic ATL track. If I recall correctly, this was the song that made them break out to a larger public. And I might not be wrong in remembering that it happened through the hated but so widely used MySpace! This song has a great opening guitar lead. The chorus has a cool upbeat feeling because of the pounding bass drum beat, which is a bit dull yet so savory! One might think that the chorus is the meat of this song, but I hold a special value in the part C before the last chorus. It’s a good example of carefully written C part with an idea of its own, instead of just paving the way for the chorus. This must be a killer live track.

2. This Is How We Do
Occasional fast songs are what make a band be pop punk. That’s why it was cool to find quick ones on the new Don’t Panic album also. This particular track opens an even greater album with a surprising energy. Add in the lyrics and we have a kind of a party anthem. The shouts on the chorus are also so lovable traits of pop punk.

3. Shameless
I had to enlist this song since it has influenced my songwriting the most. And by this I don’t mean the drums. This song has encouraged me to start creating vocal melodies that embrace the most important – the backing vocals! One could state that one of the most definitive pop punk attributes are the high backing vocals. And that has been since the age of Green Day already. This song is a perfect example of pop punk backing vocal lines in not just one, but actually two different choruses! And this brings us to another influence of which this song is an example. That is the two-chorus structure. The first chorus starts no later than on 0:31, and I love it how the second, different chorus is introduced briefly at 0:54 just to be played later in a song with a cool breakdown beat! The lyrics have some innovative lines throughout the song.



4. Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal
This is probably the most underrated All Time Low song of all time if you ask me. Might be because it’s on the simply amazing album that is Nothing Personal and that’s why it might be overshadowed by the obvious hits. For me this song is definitely out there with Weightless, Break Your Little Heart and Damned If I Do Ya. I love the chorus and the guitar theme on this one. It’s a perfect example of a feelgood ATL song.

5. Do You Want Me (Dead?)
My favorite from Dirty Work and one of my all time (low) favorites. When I listened to Dirty Work for the first time I was super stoked after this song. Unfortunately the album didn’t cash the check the opening song wrote. Still, that doesn’t take anything from the song itself. It has a great chorus and a massive sound.

6. Somewhere In Neverland
I would’ve liked to pick Weightless or Jasey Rae’s live version for this spot but unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough on my choices. And I could’ve picked Time Bomb or Under a Paper Moon but I don’t want there to be two Dirty Work songs on my list since it’s not that good of an album. So I thought there’s at least one song from Don’t Panic that deserves to be here. Somewhere In Neverland is the song I find stuck in my head the most often from ATL’s latest. Needless to say the chorus is great. This one also has nice lyrics about growing out of school and beginning your own life as an adult.



7. Weightless
I literally spent few months listening only to Nothing Personal and Weightless is one of the best opening tracks ever. The whole package is right from smooth vocal lines to the most impressive breakdown. The video is also awesome, and I’ve been looking at that video something like thousand times. Only those appearing texts took hours of my time, since I wanted to learn how to do them. Not so surprisingly all the drum cover intros are somehow inspired by the video of Weightless.

8. Break Your Little Heart
Second track of the Nothing Personal, which just keeps getting better. This one is even better on the Straight To DVD, since they have added all new guitar leads to chorus. It’s nice to see how songs evolve during live shows when players get bored of the original arrangements. Sometimes it all just goes wrong, and the song is unrecognizable, but sometimes those alterations make the song even better.

9. Damned If I Do You
Once again, the studio version of this song is awesome, but the best parts can only be heard on live recordings. Here they have added Zack’s vocal harmonies on the second part of the verse. That simple harmony makes this my favorite ATL song which we have played with MadCraft. Of course there is also cool details on the original recording. One of the best is that they added vocals of the verse to the last chorus of the song. How the hell did they come up with that?! I bet it started as an accidental copy-paste error, but it works like a charm!



10. Let It Roll
I normally would say that the best one would be “Dear Maria, Count Me In”, but I used that one on the earlier list so I’ll skip it!
Let It Roll is just the kind of a song that makes me feel great. Pop this sh*t on a car stereo on a sunny day and have a blast!

11. A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)
The name says it all! A great Party song with all the catchy singing hooks that will get in to your head for weeks! Great lyrics also! It’s really hard to do mid-tempo song that rocks as much as this one!

12. Under a Paper Moon
As a big Zelda-game fan I just cannot ignore how the verses sound like the theme song from first Zelda game! Awesome! This is also one of the best “new” ATL songs in my opinion. Again a love song,Yeah I’m a sucker.

That was our list of best All Time Low songs. What is your favorite song?


Briefly in Finnish:

Tällä viikolla soittolistana aikasemman uuden ATL-biisin julkaisun kunniaksi parhaat All Time Low -biisit. Kovasti tuntuu painottuvan valinnat tuotannon alkupäähän vaikka on siellä onneksi muutama uudempikin biisi mukana.

Tsekkaa koko soittolista ja perustelut ylempää.

Mitkä on teijän lempibiisejä ATL:ltä?

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