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Growing up as a kid in Finland at the turn of the millennium, you really could not get away from Children Of Bodom. Finland is the land of a thousand lakes with long, cold, dark Winters so it’s not all sunshine and happiness out here. Even if we try to make it so.

Still, even if Children Of Bodom are a heavy and ripping melodic death metal band they have some unbelievable talent and amazing songwriting. Formed some 20 years ago they still release some good stuff today, their latest album Halo Of Blood being a good example of that.

Well enough of the chatter. Let’s see if any of the new stuff made the list or if the oldies are goldies.

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1. Children Of Bodom
My sister had bought this Children Of Bodom single when the guys were just starting out and so it was the first one I got to listen. This song has the best intro lead ever which everyone thinks they can play but actually no one knows how it really goes. The riff is also an awesome piece of guitar playing. I know that many people prefer Hatebreeder version of this song, but personally I like way more of the single version. Hatebreeder version is too clean and sterile when compared to the original, which just kicks ass.

2. Chockehold (Cocked’N’Loaded)
Here I definitely like how the song progress from the start to the verse. Each time the riff changes feel of the tempo is doubled, which makes it so awesome. To be honest, I chose this one just because of that reason, rest of the song is not exceptional, except for the solos. As so many times before, solos have the best riffs, and this happens with every band.

3. Hate Crew Deathroll
Many years ago we were watching Stockholm Knockout Live DVD with my cousin and then this song really struck me. It wasn’t the live performance, but the acoustic version which was included in the extras. It opened my eyes how well these songs are composed and and have awesome melodies inside of them. And that Children Of Bodom songs could actually be played with acoustic guitars. We tried it too, and some of you have maybe seen us playing Hate Me on our acoustic gigs.



4. Warheart
This was first COB song I have ever heard, and I still love it! I got the Hatebreeder CD from my friend and it really hit me when I started to listen to it. I was amazed how anyone could play and sound like this… AND It’s from Finland WTF?? haha! Great melodies, some blastbeat and good chorus! Alsos Alexis solo is amazing on this one! Hatebreeder is in my opinion the best CD from COB.

5. Everytime I Die
The opening riff is just brilliant! Also, when the melody kicks in this song really gets a creepy feeling. In a good way. It’s hard to make mid-tempo songs that are this brutal. As I write this I am looking at the music video they made for this song, its funny how I remembered it to look alot cooler. (Last time I saw the vid about 10 years ago!) Now its hard not to laugh at the forest scenes… oh lawd. 😀 So I recommend to listen to this, but skip the video… hahaha.

6. Needled 24/7
Although I really don’t mind COB’s newer albums so much this one really takes the cake. Sounds modern but still has the melody that they are (IMO) lacking today. Really nice opening riff and a great lead… This one is just the song to listen when you’re driving 200km/h and want to blast something awesome on the car stereo! I really would like to talk about the lyrics, but I never ever could make out what Alexi is singing…. maybe I should google that now!

Children Of Bodom



7. Towards Dead End
Hatebreeder is the best COB album in my opinion, and I thought I could pick any song out of it. The same old green disc I’ve listened to so many times still manages to sound fresh every time. Being not so modern, the freshness derives from the nicely tight and not too loud sound. As the second album of the band, Hatebreeder has exactly the right mixture of youth recklessness and precise playing. And hey, the color of the album cover is also cool! Because I had to pick one, and ’cause Tom had already chosen Silent Night, Bodom Night, I ended up choosing this cool guitar carnival song. 😀 A classic triplet-feel on the rhythm and an intro lead which is almost a legend to try to whistle by one’s mouth. By the way, this song is perhaps the most diverse track in the album when it comes to Laiho’s vocals, which on this album in general are said to be too simple and one-noted.

8. Sixpounder
I had to include Hate Crew Deathroll – another album that you should listen to in it’s entirety. This song represents the heaviest side of Bodom I’ve ever heard. The heaviness culminates in the riff starting at 0:42. I like how this song draws from the overdriven riffs rather than sweeps and other guitar yammering. I used to listen to this song while riding a mountain bike in the countryside I lived back in the day. This track gave almost as much energy as an Euro Shopper Energy Drink these days!

9. In The Shadows
Looking at the other guys’ song picks I wanted to include a wild card. As a firstborn record, Something Wild is a raw and incoherent entity dividing opinions. To me the album has always represented the origins of Bodom’s unique sound, and it also is an answer to the ones questioning Laiho’s cap with the “Norwegian Black Metal” text. This song, and the whole album, has a cold and raw feeling drawing from melodic black metal with blast beats and frostbitten guitar leads. Kind of an epic but still so juvenile feeling. I guess due to that, the song structures on this album are a complete mess. This song alone has like 7 different parts with dissimilar riffs. However, in this one all of the parts happen to be great!



10. Hate Me!
Even if all of us really enjoyed COB’s latest album Halo of Blood, I still think Bodom were at the top of their game on the colored albums – before Are You Dead Yet?, that is. That’s why none of the later songs made my list.

Hate me! is definitely my all time favorite Children Of Bodom track. Preferably the single version. That single was the first COB release I bought as a kid and boy did I love it. I listened to those two tracks on repeat for 100+ hours for sure. Hate Me! is also the most fun COB song to play since it’s pretty straightforward. We’ve even played it on some of our shows as a more or less pop punk version.

11. Hatebreeder
Alexi Laiho has been awarded as the best metal guitarist and this song definitely shows why. Hatebreeder has one of the most awesome guitar solos of all time in any genre. Also the chorus is so damn groovy. Something I would love to hear more in the recent COB tracks as well.

12. Silent Night, Bodom Night
This one is also an iconinc guitar song, even more than the previous one. The lead guitar lick on Silent Night, Bodom Night is something every kid tried to play – only few succeeding. This one has one of those awesome groovy choruses too. Also, Silen Night, Bodom Night perfectly demonstrates how an unorthodox song structure can still work without making the song 8 minutes long.

Aaand that’s the list! Do you guys like the heavier stuff at all? What’s your favorite COB song?


Briefly in Finnish:

Pistetään tähän väliin vähän kotimaista musaa kehiin, eikös?! Koko kansan hevibändi Children Of Bodom tämän viikon soittolistakäsittelyssä. Lista perusteluineen yllä.

Pääskö omat Bodom-lempparit messiin?

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