Playlist: Best Limp Bizkit Songs

This week we’re hitting things old-school and break the boundaries with a Limp Bizkit best of playlist. Read on to find out what songs made the list and why.

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1. Full Nelson
This is the song by Limp Bizkit I find myself listening to the most often. The verse has a cool repeating structure in the vocals and the chorus has one of the best lines ever: “‘Cause your mouth’s writing checks that your ass can’t cash“. Also the mellow middle part with the awesome bass lick is just spot on. Not to speak of the following breakdown. So I basically just went through every part of the song. Must be a good song. 😀

2. Re-arranged
Just like in the last song there’s an awesome bass lick in this song as well. Re-arranged is one of those iconic bass-lick-songs. Bass – and the lack of it in just the right parts – is really an essential component sound of Limp Bizkit. As a guitarist it’s refreshing to listen to bands where guitars are not always in the forefront. This song also points out the fact that Fred Durst can’t only rap but create good vocal melodies as well.

3. My Own Cobain
Let’s get one thing straight here first. This is by no means the third best song by Limp Bizkit. There are many obvious hits for that choise. But to keep things interesting I’ll throw in a wild card. My Own Cobain is one of the bonus songs on Gold Cobra Deluxe version. I listened to that album for a long time even not realizing how good this song was. The first half of the song is pretty mellow and nothing really stands out but the final part of the songs with the vocal hooks is just awesome.



4. Take A Look Around
This came out just when I started to play guitar and all I wanted to do was play it. Of course I didn’t know how to tune my guitar to dropped-D which made it quite hard. One thing I remember people saying is that the riff had to be turned in to 4/4 time signature, since Durst couldn’t sing on to the original 5/4 time signature.

5. Nobody Like You
Quite often I find myself liking only the choruses of the Limp Bizkit songs, and this one rocks and has some serious Alice In Chains vibes in it. Especially the vocal harmonies are so much like AIC, which make it awesome. The rest of the song sounds like its stolen from Korn, which is not so surprising since Jonathan Davis feats on the song.

6. Behind Blue Eyes
The strangest thing is that when you hear the original Behind Blue Eyes by The Who, you just stop and wonder what the hell is this. Like there’s something wrong. After a second you realize that oh, this is the original version of the Limp Bizkit song, which definitely makes this a great cover. This is also one of those songs which are good during the whole song, not just in choruses or main riffs.



7. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
Well, this was first song I heard from Limp Bizkit and it still sounds awesome! How could you not like this? Super-catchy chorus and the whole song keeps you interested ’till the end! I remember listening to this when i was a kid, and thinking “how could any band sound heavier???” hahaha!

8. Nookie
Again, really good chorus and kick-ass riffs! that’s what it’s all about! It’s funny how the verses sound just like Primus songs usually sound like! And I love Primus 🙂 Again, as a kid I didn’t even know what Nookie means… And I was singin’ it out loud… everywhere… oh man…

9. Gold Cobra
Somebody is going to hit me for saying this, but I think this is one of the best songs by Limp Bizkit! I also love how the band sounds on this one! Really juicy bass and crispy guitars! In the C-part of the song there is really nice bass line and Fred Durst’s “singature” clean vocals that always sound great to me!



10. Break Stuff
The true anger anthem. A classic among the so naive but cool, defiantly boasting tunes of the late-90’s such as the early Slipknot or Rage Against The Machine. The main riff – which I think even I could play on a guitar – is a great example of the simplistic, a bit percussive riffs which make Limp Bizkit so bouncy. I’ve read that during the years some venues have begged the band not to play this song, because it has a violent effect among the crowd. I bet it has something to do with the 1:57 of the track.

11. Livin’ It Up
After the hit singles of the Chocolate Starfish -album had worn out due to over-listening, this song started to kick my ass. It has all the familiar elements of the hit tracks on this album, such as a looping guitar, an easygoing rap verse and a ferocious chorus. Now that I got into unraveling the song anatomy, let’s announce that this track actually has a great example of a classic Limp Bizkit pre-chorus. And that basically consists of nothing but one ingredient: dropping out the bass guitar from the last lines of the verse. Once you notice the ominous absence of the bass guitar, it comes back twice as hard in the chorus! The best part of this song however is the erecting part C culminating to the super groovy Rage Against The Machine verse. Hell yea!

12. N 2 Gether Now
I got into Limp Bizkit after listening to American rap music for a long time. Method Man had been one of my favorites, so this track might have been the first taste of this band for me. The laid back feeling is the key to the groove. It’s also cool that Durst gives prominent mic time to Method Man, unlike some other Bizkit songs with featuring artists that only get to say a couple of words.

That was our list for this week. What do you guys think? Which bands or genres should we do the following weeks? What about your favorite Limp Bizkit song? Did it make the list?


Briefly in Finnish:

Tän viikon soittolistassa vaihdetaan vaihdetta old-schoolimpaan ja pistetään pakettiin parhaat Limp Bizkit biisit. Tsekkaa soittolista ja perustelut yltä!

Mitäs muita bändejä tai genrejä voitaisiin ottaa mukaan soittolistoille ens viikoilla? Entäpä oma lempibiisi Limp Bizkitiltä? Mahtuko se mukaan meijän listaan?

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