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I’m a huge guitar hero fan. And I don’t mean just the game even if I own almost every single one of them. But you know, real human guitar heroes. Though some might argue that some of them are closer to gods than humans. At least Yngwie Malmsteen is.

Yngwie is not the only guitar hero I enjoy listening to. One of the more bluesy ones is the amazing Joe Bonamassa. And what do you know, he decided to make our lives better by playing a show right here in Helsinki, Finland.

Previously I had mostly listened to his blues/rock albums like The Ballad of John Henry or Dust Bowl. But Bonamassa decided to open his set with some acoustic songs. And those acoustic songs ended up being some of the best of the whole night. My personal favorite was his Bad Company cover Seagull.

If you watched the video I just embedded above it should be clear that J. B. is not only a great guitar player but has an amazing voice as well. Make no mistake the guy can play for sure but the quality of his singing adds so much to the overall sound.

Joe Bonamassa is definitely an artist you should see live. Some of the songs ended up being closer to 15 minutes with lengthy guitar, organ and drum solos. For those not too invested in the art of playing and instrument this might be a bit too intense, but the rest are up for a real treat.

I don’t think the blues – or what ever variation of it Bonamassa masters on stage – really translates that well on tape. I can’t remember when was the last time I really just listened to the music on a live concert with such joy. He ain’t much of a showman – and that’s usually a minus on my books. But this time, I just took it all in and let the music wash over.

Briefly in Finnish:

Kävin eilen tsekkaamassa Joe Bonamassaa Hartwallilla. Eikä voi sanoa, kuin että osaa mies soittaa. Olin aikasemmin kuunnellu Bonamassalta lähinnä noita bluesimpia ja rokimpia levyjä mutta mies alottikin akkarisetillä. Ja moni näistä akustisista olikin loppujen lopuksi illan parhaita vetoja. Etenkin biisi nimeltä Seagull, joka oli vielä coveri, kun jälkeenpäin tsekkasin.

Monesti livenä show on melkeinpä yhtä tärkeetä kuin soitto. Mutta harvoin näkee keikkaa, jolla soitto on niin kultasta, ettei showlla ole mitään väliä. En tiedä uppooko 15 minuuttiset kappaleenvenytykset pitkine sooloineen vihkiytymättömille mutta ainakin muusikot ja sen mieliset ei voi kuin digata Bonamassan soundia.

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