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This week we’re doing things a bit differently. We’re not only listing songs but clothing. The songs on this week’s list are based on band shirts that we each own. Three songs and three shits each. Let’s go!

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1. NOFX – Separation of Church and Skate
This band is very close to me, and I’ve been listening to it after discovering their music on a skateboarding VHS back in the day. Their shirts are usually blatantly colorful and have jokes on them that challenge the wearer to have the guts to wear them on public. This shirt is a bit calmer, although I really like the print on it. It’s about the single release of this song, and has Jesus and a punk rocker battling over a skateboard. And that’s a cool battle!

2. Run-D.M.C. – It’s Like That
My favorite rap group of all time! Having heard this particular song as a little kid, I bought some kind of a compilation CD and had soon learned all the songs. Jam Master Jay was my favorite DJ (probably the only one I knew) and his death by shooting was my first touch to the many hip hop related homicides. The shirt I bought quite a long time ago, and it has always been way too big for me. However, some time ago I cut the sleeves off and have used it while playing the drums. It appears on some drum covers, for example Blink-182 – Dogs Eating Dogs.

kuva (1)3. Chiquita – Dia Sim Dia Não
I bought this shirt from a flea market for 0,50 euros a couple of years ago. It’s the largest t-shirt I’ve ever seen, it has nice colors and now I even learned that it’s a band!

Photo 4.10.2013 20.52.17



4. Bob Hund – Skall Du Hänga Med? Nä!!
This is one of my favorite band shirts. It has the Bob Hund dog as an 8-bit version. And I love t-shirts with 8-bit graphics! Bob Hund is a cool band too. I saw them in Stockholm about a year back and it was a great show. Especially because the singer is just out of his mind. These guys are also the masters of trolling. Just look at their latest album covers or the singles on Spotify. They just do what they feel like and this is awesome.

5. Splitter – Krossad
I used to play in a Grindcore/Crust band before MadCraft and Splitter was a new and upcoming Grindcore band from Sweden at the time. We were playing on a couple of festivals at the same time in Sweden and Czech. They were fun dudes and the music is awesome. One of the most intense and chaotic Grindcore bands I know.

6. Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls
Unfortunately I never had the chance to see Freddie Mercury live. But I did see the next best thing: the We Will Rock You musical with Brian May in London. I bought this shirt from there. I could pick almost any Queen song here. This is a really good one so I’ll go with this one today.




7. Backyard Babies – Brand New Hate
In my opinion this is the best song by Backyard Babies. When I was watching MoonTV as a teenager and they played this video on the video review show and I was just like WOW! Even the guys in the studio, like Börje and Klasu, liked the song and it got 10 out of 10 from each of them. I have seen Backyard Babies quite many times after that and their show is always fun to watch. And what could be cooler than white sleeveless shirt?!

8. Nirvana – Heart-Shaped Box
I don’t know why I have bought this shirt, since I really don’t even like Nirvana. Maybe it was because everybody was talking about the band back in the days. I have a habit of listening one album (or a song) over and over again when I’m playing certain games. I listened to Heart-Shaped Box when I was playing a simple steal the flag game on computer during one summer and this song instantly reminds me of that time.

9. Anal Thunder – Drink Myself To Death
I went to see Anal Thunder in Gloria, Helsinki, and I had no idea what I was going to see. They really shook me, since suddenly the guitarist was all naked on the stage. I was like what just happened. I’ve heard he does it less nowadays – only outside of their home town. On that gig I had to buy their CDs and a T-shirt.



10. Meshuggah – I
I cannot even remember where I got this shirt! Its way too big now to wear cos I used to be alot fatter some years ago! But its still nice to keep as a memory. Meshuggah is just one of the greatest, I cannot even describe how great they are! I used to listen them all day long when I was a kid, and I used to wear this shirt everywhere. I always wanted to get 8-string guitar and have my own “Djent”-metal band… Hey! Maybe I will one day?

11.Rotten Sound – “Fast music for slow people”
I always loved this slogan they had! I bought this from Rotten Sound gig at Oulu in 2009. It was small venue and big crowd. I remember that my friend got into fight in the mosh-pit, but later he was just laughing about it! It was crazy show, but also really good. I was a little bummed that Kai Hahto wasn’t playing drums, but the new guy was equally amazing! Maybe I drank too much energy drinks ‘cos in the morning I woke up with new shirt and all the Rotten Sound CD’s!

12.The Haunted – Unseen
I bought this shirt in 2011 when I went to see The Haunted at Tavastia. I have always loved this band! Their lyrics and really well made songs have always worked for me. “The Dead Eye” was album they relased before “Unseen” and i consider that one to be one of my favorite metal albums ever. Theres just so much emotion in that one. This shirt brings back really great memories! Tavastia was full, I was in the front row and the show was amazing! You can also see me in Haunted’s videoblog from that tour in here! Haha, I had so long hair back then….


That was the list. Which band shirts do you have? Tell us in the comments!


Briefly in Finnish:
Tällä viikolla mennään vähän eri tavalla. Tän viikon listassa on nimittäni biisejä bändeiltä, joiden bändipaitoja meillä on. Tsekkaa biisit ja paidat yltä!

Mitä bändipaitoja teillä on?

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