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On this week’s playlist we dive deep into the realm of live albums. A lot of production work is done to songs in the studio. Some songs sound totally different live from the studio version. So which songs are better live than on a studio album? Read on to find out!

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1. Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do (Rock In Rio)
A great track with a great guitar lead! I haven’t really even heard the original and I don’t feel that it’s necessary with Iron Maiden. Their live performance is always great and it’s almost unbelievable how well Dickinson can sing through the whole gig. One thing that I definitely want to steal from Iron Maiden into MadCraft’s shows is the Brazillian crowd that sings along every vocal line and guitar lead.

2. Guns N’ Roses – It’s So Easy
It’s so easy is one of the Guns N’ Roses songs that you don’t begin to hate, which happens with many other classic tracks. One thing I like about Guns N’ Roses and especially Slash is that he plays his guitar solos always as they were recorded. To be honest, that’s what you really want to hear, not some lousy improvisation.

3. All Time Low – Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) (Straight To DVD)
As I said before on the Best All Time Low Songs Playlist, this one is definitely upgraded mark II version of the song. There are all those vocal harmonies on the verse and the guitar leads are more dominating. One of the best things in live recordings is that you can actually hear how they play their songs live.



4. Blink-182 – Don’t Leave Me (The Mark, Tom And Travis Show)
I’m gonna put this one out here since it’s a totally ridiculous live version. I think this was already on our Blink-182 list but I’m gonna use it again. The tempo on this one is so out of the chart it’s pretty awesome. I would definitely want to see this one live.

5. Lionel Richie – Easy (Encore)
I originally got into this song after hearing the Faith No More version. The FNM version is really good but I’m almost sad to say that this live version of the original artist Lionel Richie is even better. The man is an amazing singer and you can hear it. The song is a perfect sing-a-long song with the vocal hook on the chorus. That’s why it’s such a good live song.

6. Mr. Big – It’s For You – Mars (Back To Budokan)
Mr. Big is one of my favorite bands. Their shamelessly catchy songwriting combined with the instrumental mastery is a real inspiration to me personally. I was so glad when I got to see them live in Helsinki a few years ago. This was the song that really blew my mind. I knew these guys were good players but that they sang such perfect harmonies was just amazing.



7.Katatonia – Evidence (Live Consternation)
Katatonia has always been one of the greatest bands I have seen live. They always deliver great emotions and show. I used to listen to them really much when I was younger, and these songs and live versions really bring me back to my teenage-years! Evidence is awesome song and it really has the whole “katatonia” package in it. Dark lyrics and progressive playing with haunting melodies… Just perfect for these dark autumn evenings.

8. Devin Townsend Project – Supercrush! (By A Thread – Live in London)
I got to see Devin live at the same “By A Threat”- tour in Helsinki, and it was pure awesomeness! It’s really cool to hear how well they play live and how huge they sound! Devin is awesome at the stage and he is just one bada** singer also! Supercrush is also one of my all time favorite DTP song. Great lyrics, great riffs, awesome melodies and that wall of sound…wow.

9.Dave Matthews Band – Gravedigger (The Gorge)
I used to listen this DMB “The Gorge”- Live CD so much that it didn’t work in the end! This song has always been my favorite song that Dave wrote. It’s just simply beautiful. I know it’s only Dave and his guitar, but on this CD the song really comes alive. I get chills everytime I listen to this.



10. Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots (Under A Pale Grey Sky)
I love the primal energy of Sepultura. The band today is what it is, but I believe I speak on behalf of most of the band’s fans by stating that Sepultura was all about the Cavalera brothers. Max on vocals and guitar and Igor on drums, the founding members of the band. When it comes to the live album “Under A Pale Grey Sky”, it’s my pick when talking about the best live album ever. Not only does it represent the best songs from the era of Cavaleras, it has a crushing and weirdly primitive feeling. This truly is aggressive art performed live and raw.

11. All Time Low – Six Feet Under The Stars (Straight To DVD)
I had to include ATL’s “Straight To DVD” live album on this list. And that is simply because it’s a great live album and I have listened to it so much. You have to watch the actual DVD to get the most out of it. It’s a great compilation of live songs and backstage scenes. I picked this song because it’s not one of those classic single tracks they play live. It’s kind of a wishful plea for them to keep playing the older songs live also. However, the setlist wouldn’t matter in case I had the chance to see ATL live!

12. Blink-182 – Untitled (The Mark, Tom And Travis Show)
Today, this live album is kind of outdated, and I’d really like to hear a new live recording from Blink. The ones on YouTube are more or less non-satisfactory due to the quality or the band’s performance. However, I guess the Blink of today will never reach the joyful energy this live album has. Also I can’t resist adding that on this performance Tom is still on his proper tracks. I really like the older Blink songs on this album. The live situation really brings forth the punk energy and shows how the old songs are really made by a band playing tightly together. Wait until the song has ended to hear the most genious speak ever, when “Satan has something to say!”

That was the list for this week. What kind of lists would you like to see in the future? Which has been the best so far. Let us know in the comments!

Briefly in Finnish:

Tällä viikolla listataan parhaat live-versiot biiseistä. Tsekkaa lista perusteluineen yltä!

Jos tulee mieleen jonkinlaista listaa, jota haluaisit nähdä tulevaisuudessa, heitä kommenttia!

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