Playlist: Best New Found Glory Songs

New Found Glory recently released a new song and we really liked it. So this week we’re going to pay our honors to one of the most iconic Pop Punk bands ever and list our favorite New Found Glory songs. Let’s get to it!

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1. Dressed To Kill
This was the first New Found Glory song I ever heard. It introduced me to one of the very best albums in the world, which is the self-titled album. I remember being hooked instantly, and felt like a kid discovering dozens of new candy stores simultaneously. The sound was so fresh and the songs were everything I was looking for. This song and the whole album is definitely THE Pop Punk Bible.

2. Truth Of My Youth
Catalyst is a bit more produced album than it’s predecessors. The modern sound makes the songs stronger, and for example this song rolls out at a powerful pace! It’s also a nice example of a faster NFG song with adrenaline bursting punk vibes. My favorite part is definitely the second verse starting without guitars. We’ve actually implemented this kind of a second verse to more than one of our own songs too! The lyrics are also awesome!

3. Anthem For The Unwanted
I really like Radiosurgery album. It has kind of a relaxed feeling and many songs remind me of Green Day (in a good way). Hence I wanted to include a track from that album. This song is a versatile track with vocal hooks and rhythm gimmicks. It’s cool how the opening riff follows the vocal hook in the beginning. It’s definitely not a simple playthrough on a camp fire. All the parts are different and have feelings of their own. The energy in the chorus seems never-ending!



4. Listen To Your Friends
This song is probably one of the best newer NFG songs. I love the way it builds up from the start to the first chorus with all the different parts. One of the best aspects of this song is the lyrics. They have a sense of mystery and discovery as you listen through the verses and get the idea of what’s happened. And as in most NFG songs the pre-chorus and chorus are just awesome.

5. Singled Out
I would’ve wanted to pick a song from the self titled album since I think it’s probably NFG’s best album. It has the iconic Pop Punk sound at it’s best. But I didn’t want to just pick an obvious song and since 3 songs isn’t nearly enough in the case of New Found Glory, I decided to include this one. Singled Out has a great chorus. I especially love the harmonies in that. But the single reason of why this song is on my list is the insane hard core shout after the middle part. If you’ve ever listened to NFG’s alter ego International Superheroes of Hardcore, you know what I’m talking about!

6. Connect The Dots
This is a pretty bold one but I’m gonna go with Connect The Dots as my last pick to the list. The reason is pretty simple: it’s definitely my favorite NFG song at the moment. We did go through the song in more detail a few days ago but as I said earlier, it’s simply an awesome song with incredible drive to it. Just listen to it, you’ll get it!



7. My Friends Over You
Somehow I like more Sticks And Stones than the self-titled. My Friends Over You is the first one that really cathes your attention with it’s great riff and chorus. There are everything great like pickslides and octave leads in the chorus. This song has also a cheerful video. Some of the jokes are actually pretty stupid, like the one where Jordan is singing from the audience. But there are also great moments, like the pizza delivery guy bringing pizza for the bassist Ian Grushka.

8. It’s Been A Summer
This one has quite similar feeling as My Friends Over You. I like those descending guitars in the verse, but then the greatest part is definitely the line where the song has got its name. You can’t really tell is is prechorus or actually the chorus already, which makes it very interesting.

9. Understatement
For the last track I tried to choose something from the self-titled, but I have listened it way too much during these years, so I really couldn’t. So I chose the opening track of Sticks And Stones. It has great drive throught the song and they are upshifting gears all the time until the half time chorus. One thing I have to still mention is the phasing guitar part before the verses, it’s simple and awesome!



10. Radiosurgery
Ok, I really have to admit that I haven’t listened to NFG as much as the other guys. But making this playlist was a great way to get to know the band! This song was one of the first ones that I really liked and it got stuck in my head. I hummed this song all the way when I was flying from Helsinki to Rovaniemi.

11. Sucker
This one almost reminds me of All Time Low! Great! Really nice melodies and guitar riffs. Also check out the lyrics! I really like this kind of pop-punk lyrics. “Lovestories with a twist”. You know its a good song when you don’t get bored during it! This one delivers!

12.Such a Mess
Intro riff on this one reminds me of Four Year Strong! And I LOVE Four Year Strong! It’s nice to hear “heavier” song from NFG. Also, on this “Not Without a Fight” CD the band’s sound is really nice and “airy” if I can say it like that! 🙂 Again great lyrics, and after the song is over. You want to listen it again!

We’re definitely going to have to take a part 2 on this one. What’s your favorite NFG songs?


Briefly in Finnish:

New Found Gloryn uus biisi oli sen verran hyvä, että päätettiin listata bändiltä parhaat biisit tän viikon listalle. Sen verran kovaa kamaa löytyy läpi tuotannon, että joudutaan varmaan ottamaan part kakkonen jossain vaiheessa.

Mitkä on teijän lemppari NFG-biisit?

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