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On deciding the playlist for this week we thought we’d do one on Hardcore Punk. At that point Juho said he doesn’t really know what’s good Hardcore. He knows his Pop Punk and Post Hardcore but didn’t really know where to draw the line on Hardcore. So the rest of us decided we’d put together a list of our favorite Hardcore bands for him.

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1. Death Before Dishonor – Peace And Quiet
I heard of this band from Otto. And what a great Hardcore band it is. These guys are angry all the way to the bone. I especially love this song from the insane opening solo to the circle pit middle part at the end. The best part must still be the lyrics. I mean how contradicting can you be?!

2. The Ghost Inside – Face Value
I saw The Ghost Inside as a part of the Eastpak Antidote Tour in Helsinki. They were actually my favorite act of the evening. Some say TGI has too modern of a sound for Hard Core but I don’t care about that. It’s pretty damn good music and has that Hardcore intensity.

3. Your Demise – Miles Away
Your Demise must be one of the better new Hardcore bands. Even with a modern sound these guys manage to capture the essence of good somewhat melodic and melancholic Hardcore without falling into the pit of Post Hardcore. In my books Miles Away is one of those iconic Hardcore anthems.

4. Tragedy – Beginning Of The End
Speaking of anthems and legends, Tragedy is definitely one. Even if they tend to be more Crust Punk than Hardcore Punk, Crust can be counted as a subgenre of Hardcore. The best thing about Crust is the frantic d-beat that just rolls on and on like a freight train. This is my favorite song from Tragedy and I bet it’s yours too.

5. From Ashes Rise – Reaction
From Ashes Rise is another legendary Crust band. This album has THE perfect Hardcore punk sound if you ask me. Just the right amount of production quality in the sound but still retaining the Hardcore rawness. No overload of quantized and sampled drums unlike many of the more recent Hardcore albums. This is probably my favorite Hardcore/Crustcore song ever.

6. Victims – This Is The End
Before diving back into a more modern sound, let’s take one more of where the last two came from. Victims is an awesome Swedish Hardcore band. Besides making amazing music they are really nice guys as well. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them a couple times. This song is the perfect circle pit song!

7. Texas In July – Shallow Point
I don’t know if this is Hardcore or Post Hardcore or Mathcore or Melodic Hardcore or… hell, Otto even told me this sounds like Melodic Death Metal with those guitar leads in the chorus. Whatever it is, it’s pretty damn good. To me what makes a good Hardcore song is the right type of vocals and this one definitely has those. And yeah, that guitar lead in the chorus gets my pants wet.

8. International Superheroes of Hardcore – Seat Belt
These guys might not be too serious about these particular songs but it’s still pretty decent Hardcore if you ask me. If you’re not too afraid to laugh a little while banging your head to the wall, you might find that ISHC is really a good band. And like I said earlier in the New Found Glory list, this band has one of the best Hardcore vocals.

9. Hundredth – Weathered Town
Hundredth is a more recent I found about last Summer. They manage to keep a nice uptempo Hardcore thing going on while combining it with just the right amount of clean vocals and nice Post Hardcore style breakdowns. Still the most awesome part is that fast drum beat and those punk guitar leads.

Death Before Dishonor



10. Raised Fist – Get This Right
This must be my favorite hardcore punk band! They really capture their amazing energy on their cd’s! The singer sounds like hes taking his last breath at every moment, and i mean in a good way! Lyrics on this song are just great, these guys dont take BS from anyone! These guys are all about attitude, and thats what i love!

11. Dillinger Escape Plan – Farewell, Mona Lisa
I know. Some people dont consider DEP as a HC-punk band, but in my opinion they are really punk. these guys are SICK! How much aggression and feel you can pack in a one song? Well… MUCH according to DEP! They dont sound like any other band, and their complex and polyrythmic riffs have always faschinated me really much. This band can sound like a handfull at first, but take your time and listen to whole album. I really recommend it 🙂



12. Terror – Shattered
This LA-based group is one of the most powerful sounding hardcore bands I’ve ever heard! Keepers Of The Faith is a classic album and this song represents the mid-tempo bashing that gives a hint of why I called these guys powerful. The group shout chorus sung at the end of the song is a textbook example of a hardcore chorus!

13. Scalping Screen – Collapse
Hardcore in Finland seems to lie mainly underground. This band hails from the Eastern Finland, and here we have a nice platform to get them some listeners. I happen to know these guys personally, otherwise I would probably change to the other side of the street should I meet any of them.

14. S.O.D – Shenanigans
Whatever Scott Ian – the guitarist of Anthrax – is involved in, must be amazing! Stormtroopers Of Death or S.O.D as it’s commonly abbreviated to, was a side project of the forementioned guitarist Scott Ian and the Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante. Ian writes the songs and shouts the backing vocals, while the main vocs are sung by a random guy I always forget. Unsurprisingly S.O.D is not the most serious type of a band. Can you figure out which famous album cover their cover art parodies?

15. Madball – Shatterproof
For all the genre fags reading, let’s declare that one can’t pass the New York area hardcore while making this kind of a list. I was sad to find out that Spotify has quite a limited collection of some classic albums from Cro-Mags or Blood For Blood. However, Madball is my definite favorite from the genre-defining bands formed in the late 80’s, and here’s a sample of it!

There you go Juho! Did you find your new favorite band on this list?


Briefly in Finnish:

Mietittiin listaa tälle viikolle ja kelattiin että otetaan teemaksi Hardcore. Siinä vaiheessa Juho tokas, ettei se oikeen ees osaa sanoo mikä on Hardcoree. Pop Punk ja Post Hardcore on tuttua kauraa mutta mihin vedetään raja Hardcoren ja Postin välillä. Joten päätettiin pistää Juholle lista kasaan.

Tsekkaa biisit ja perustelut yltä. Löytykö uusia lempibändejä?

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