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Yesterday we were recording basses for new song we are making at the moment. Last time we recorded bass Tom really liked the sound of my ESP Amaze Deluxe 5-string bass, so it was no brainer that I took it with me this time also! Here’s a little bit about the gear we used when we recorded the bass!


ESP Amaze 5-string in Black Turquoise color!

I don’t usually use 5-string basses with Madcraft, but this one has really nice sound when recording. Really big low-end and nice in-your-face-middle-punch! Also it looks awesome, too bad you cannot hear how cool it looks! 😉

aguilar DB410 AG500SC

I used my Aguilar AG500 bass head and DB410 cabinet. Aguilar has been my favorite bass amp for years! It really delivers great punch and clear sound, but still retains nice and warm bass. We mic’d the cabinet with Shure beta52 and sm57 and also took DI-out from the amp. This way we could have three sounds that we can blend together to get the best sound possible.


                                                            Ah! And don’t forget this little fella! This one is AWESOME! Its Darkglass Microtubes B3K overdrive. I have been using it for a year now and it just kills! Anything from low-gain gritty sound to hi-gain distortion metal tones, this one delivers! Usually with Madcraft I just set it pretty low-gain overdrive, just enough to get some “character” on the bass. This one only goes to the mic’d sound, DI-sound stays clean. You can see my settings on the picture above! Try this with a pick and jazz bass 🙂


                                                 This is how I look when I record… “I have no idea what I’m doing” hahaha 😀 But for serious now, the end product will blow your mind… this one is going to be gooood!


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