You guys know what?! We have a Tumblr now!

It’s been on my to-do list for like forever to get an Official MadCraft Tumblr going. Tumblr is a cool place with a lot of really awesome stuff so I finally got my act together and just put it up.

We’re going to be posting a lot of pics from our Instagram, Blog and other sites there. BUT! There’s also going to be some stuff you can’t find anywhere else and maybe some older photos from the archives. So go hit that Follow button now!

The beauty of Tumblr is of course reblogging. And we’re going to be doing a lot of that also. Letting you guys know what’s the real good stuff in our opinion. And of course all the amazing MadCraft related posts! Also if you want to ask us something there’s a possibility to do that too! Of course you can always ask anything right here in the comments too. 🙂

So that’s it. Go take a look and hit Follow! See you on Tumblr!


Briefly in Finnish:

Arvatkaas?! Meillä on nyt Tumblr. Mun on pitäny ikuisuuden pistää MadCraftille oma Tumblr pystyyn mutta nyt sain vihdoin tehtyä sen.

Tullaan laittamaan sinne paljon kuvia Instagrammista, blogista ja vaikka mistä mutta myös sellasta kamaa, jota ei muualta löydy. Joten kannattaa käydä seuraamassa siellä kanssa!

Rebloggaillaan myös kaikkee, mikä on meijän mielestä hienoo. Ja tietenkin kaikkee, mitä jengit postailee MadCraftiin liittyen.

Nähään jatkossa siis myös Tumblrin puolella!

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Vocals and guitars in MadCraft. Also record, mix and produce music. Make videos. Take photos. Design websites. Chill on social media. Love video games.

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