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I used to listen to a lot of Limp Bizkit when I was a kid. I was a huge fan of the Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water album. And when they released a new album after six years since the last one in 2011, I realized I was still a huge fan.

limpSo when Otto told me Limp Bizkit were coming to town it was a no-brainer. We owed it to ourselves to go see them.

And boy am I glad we did!

Limp Bizkit played in Nosturi, Helsinki Finland just two days ago and we were there. Nosturi isn’t the biggest venue in Helsinki, even if it is one of the biggest rock clubs. I mean we’ve even played there so it seems kinda absurd a band like Limp Bizkit would have their show there. But it definitely wasn’t a bad thing they played there. Nosturi is one of the best venues in Helsinki and on a sold out evening like that you can feel the intense atmosphere.

When the show started the first thing that caught my eye was the crazy led light armor Wes Borland was wearing. Yes! This was the crazy-assed Limp Bizkit I came to see. There were even more leds on the neck of Rivers’ bass.

I really didn’t have the time to keep adoring the beautiful lights on the stage since from the first chorus till the end of the last, the whole room was bouncing up and down. Every song was a hit with an insane moshpit going on. My favorite moment was the interlude on Take A Look Around when the whole crowd went down on the floor and jumped up when the last chorus kicked off. I haven’t witnessed such energy in a crowd in a long time.

The setlist was really great including all of my favorite songs and a few surprises. Such as a cover of Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name Of and a few tribute riffs to Metallica. The coolest thing was that the band was all live. And they played so tight. I still can’t believe how Borland plays those riffs…

Needless to say the show was a success. It really got me excited about the band and left me wanting to see more. I hope they’re coming back next year like they promised. It was heartwarming to see how they seemed like they genuinely enjoyed playing to us. That is something you want to see in a band. Go Limp Bizkit!

Briefly in Finnish:

Käytiin tiistaina Oton kanssa kattomassa Limp Bizkittiä Nosturissa. Vanhoina faneina oltiin velkaa se ittellemme. Ja ollaan kyllä luukutettu niin uutta Gold Cobraa kuin vanhoja klassikoitakin paljon keikkareissuilla, joten aika kovilla fiiliksillä lähettiin.

Eikä turhaan. Oli ihan järkyttävän kova meininki. Vaikka olikin vähän outoa, että Limp Bizkit esiintyy Nosturissa, oli se kuitenkin vaan positiivinen asia. Täyteen myyty Nosturi voi nimittäin tunnelmaltaan olla tosi intensiivinen. Ja site se olikin. Heti ekasta kertsistä viimesen biisin loppuun oli päällä ihan jäätävän kova moshpit ja meininki oli muutenki katossa.

Propsit meni myös Wes Borlandin sekopäiselle ledivalohaarniskalle. Ledejä löyty jopa basson kaulasta. Tää oli just sitä meininkiä, mitä oli tultu kattomaan.

Settilista ei pettäny. Tuli kaikki parhaat biisit ja pari ylläriäki niinku RATMin Killing In The Name Of ja pari Metallica-tribuuttia. Siisteintä oli se, että bändi soitti livenä koko ajan. Ja ihan älyttömän hyvin soittikin.

Eipä voi paljon valittaa. Ehdottomasti yks kovimmista keikoista, mitä oon pitkään aikaan nähny. Toivottavasti tulevat takas ens vuonna uuden levyn myötä niinku uhkasivat.

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