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Ok! The guys have been talkin’ for a while now to get me on Twitter. So I finally had to do it!

I didn’t do it years ago ‘cos I always thought that Twitter would be only a “simplified Facebook”. But now that I have used it for couple days, I can see the bigger picture behind it. Actually “re-tweeting” is a fun way to share things. Thanks to the sharing system many people get connected, and can see all those re-tweeted updates.

At first I was a little confused because I saw updates by people I didn’t follow and there was so much going on all the time! I also noticed that people tweet funnier things than they post on Facebook. On Facebook people usually just post something like “Had a coffee, going to work”. But on Twitter it could be “OMG love coffee so much, now have to go to work FML!”.

Also, for me it’s cool to follow some “famous” people and cool bass players that I cannot follow on Facebook OR they aren’t really active there. I wish I could say more about it now, but im still a newbie and getting used on these things!

JESSE Twitter

So, now I’m off to sail the seas of Twitter-world and get to more it. You can follow me on Twitter HERE.

And don’t forget to follow: MADCRAFT, TOM, JUHO and OTTO

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