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Hiya folks, it’s me with the drum covers again. It hasn’t been a long time since the last drum cover came out. While doing that, we actually filmed and recorded quite a bunch of drum covers in a row. Just to get the publishing schedule a bit tighter. So here’s the second video from the mentioned session:

Wait a sec, it’s not Blink or All Time Low?! Sorry to ruin your hopes for yet another Travis or Rian version, but I’ve been trying to find something else to cover, too. Especially something among rap songs. And hey, this probably IS the BEST rap song in the whole world. Needless to say in my opinion, but I bet I’m not alone with it!

Back in the day when I was about 13 years old I used to listen to rap music a lot, and it had to be American, invariably mere black guys doing it. Being strangely fascinated with the homicide events among the day’s hip hop culture, I couldn’t avoid the martyr-like reputation of Tupac “2Pac” Shakur. Obviously this song was my first taste to his music, and the sheer feeling with the piano theme and the sad homicide story surely had an effect. Up to this date, this song is one of the deepest ones I’ve ever heard. The lyrics are very touching, although the “changes” Tupac sings of scarcely even touch the rich Nordic environment I’m living in.

I’d had a plan to do a drum cover of this song for quite a while, but to be honest this song always felt a bit boring to drum on. When compared to the fill fireworks of Travis Barker, this laid back tune doesn’t have much to offer drum-wise. Unless it’s about being patient and staying as one with the background beat, which I too often am not.

Drums POV

As we started to film this, I basically had no idea what or how to play. At first I had some difficulties: it felt stupid to improvise and I tried to play a bit too much and too complicated stuff. After a while we decided to just film it with me letting go and playing relaxed and without thinking too much. So, both in the good and in the bad, this drum cover is basically an improvised jam on the classic song. I think this one has the most feeling of all of my drum covers. Both while playing and while watching afterwards.

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