New drum cover: Blink-182 – After Midnight



As some of you might already have noticed, we uploaded a fresh new drum cover this weekend! The man I’m covering is the same old dude called Travis, but I just can’t get enough of his drumming. In an inspirational way he’s a bottomless well of good ideas.

Here it is, After Midnight from Neighborhoods album!

Travis relies a lot on rudimentary chops. As a matter of fact, this song required me to rehearse some double stroke rolls in order to get the hihat lick right. I bet you all know what the mentioned hihat lick is. After all it starts the whole song! Isn’t it cool how a single hihat sticking can be one of the most recognizable moments of a whole song?! I think that’s a trick only Travis can do – I mean to play small things that don’t disturb other instruments but still manage to stand out. And from that I have a lot to learn!

The famous hihat lick is basically a nine stroke roll with small breaks. It may have a name on it’s own, but that’s how I break it down with my low theory education. The first 8 strokes are played as double strokes with alternate hands, and the last stroke is played on a snare. Broken down it’s like RRLL RRLL R.

To learn to play the lick tightly, start practising without the breaks. Basically you’re playing just a standard nine stroke roll. Check it out from the video below.

After mastering the nine stroke roll, add the little breaks and move on to play the beat.

The rest of the song is pretty much a piece of cake, however the cake has some sour parts. The fills before each chorus aren’t the simplest, although I managed to learn them quite easily. Speaking of the prechorus, I know Travis uses a secondary snare to play a bit different sound for it. I don’t like having that much drums on my kit, so I played a rim click instead. I’ve been dreaming of having rim clicks on our own songs too, but I’m not so good at playing them.

This song was fun to play because of it’s relaxed feeling. A bit too relaxed if you ask me after seeing the video of myself playing: I look way too serious! 😀 It seems like I’m not having fun at all, but believe me I had! I think I was too concentrated on getting the chops right I forgot to wave around and show off. I did just the thing I hate about some drummers – sitting still and looking bored. It would be a disaster if I played like that at a live show. But hey, this was not a live show!

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