Playlist: Best Pop Punk Songs pt. 2

We listed our favorite Pop Punk songs when we first started these weekly playlists. Since then we’ve had lists for different bands and styles but today we’re going to continue with that original Pop Punk list. Here’s part 2 of the Best Pop Punk Songs.

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1. Lagwagon – May 16
Few years ago I tried to record an acoustic cover of Lagwagon May 16. We we’re shooting the video on a roof top with my friends, but I always failed. Usually everything went fine until the second verse, in which I always forgot the lyrics and had to start again from the beginning. After something like 1000 of retakes I remembered the whole song correctly and was like YES! But when I listened the recording afterwards it was all bit sharp.

2. Lustra – Scotty Doesn’t Know
I was watching EuroTrip a few years ago. And was like WTF, I think I’ve heard this riff before… I’ve composed this riff before… As a joke. It turned out to be Lustra’s Scotty Doesn’t Know, and is played several times during the movie. The song is quite bad and the riff is maybe even worse, but it was funny to hear that they actually made a song of that riff.

3. Millencolin – Monkey Boogie
Once I asked Otto if he had heard Millencolin’s Super Mario song. Not so surprisingly he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. So I had to play him this song. And if you listen to it, you kinda have to agree that the intro riff is straight from SMB. There’s no doubt about it. This song is one of the few songs where the word “boogie” describes the whole feel of the song. You really can’t feel down when listening to it. Best part is after the second chorus. You would think that now they’re going to blow the roof off, but instead they just start to boogie!



4. All Time Low – Stella
I have been listening to this song really much lately, I don’t know why but I just get in a good mood when I’m listening to this! It’s not so often when a “mid-tempo” really works for me. It’s usually the fast-hitting songs or ballads that work for me… Oh well, you gotta have exceptions! Did you know that Stella isn’t a person? Stella is actually a beer brand! I found it really funny how they made a “twisted love story” about alcohol!

5. Simple Plan – Loser of the Year
I haven’t listened to Simple Plan that much, so some weeks ago I took some time and listened it a bit more. I found this song to be a really awesome tune! I like the lyrics and the riffs on this song. And the really “fresh” sound! Also, I always love when the drummer plays fourth notes on the bass drum. My favorite beat!

6. The Offspring – The Kids Aren’t Alright
A great nostalgy trip back to the times I was learning to play bass. I used to listen to Offspring’s “Americana” CD really much. Listening to it now brings back great memories. Also I still like this song really much after all these years, it works on so many leves! It’s also nice to hear some guitar solos… It’s really rare that any bands have solo’s on their songs nowdays!



7. Yellowcard – Miles Apart
This one’s got to be number one today, since we have a celebration going on! Let’s sculpt some background for those not knowing the band. For me, Yellowcard was a real pain in the ass to get to know, and it took me almost two years to really start digging them. The main issue was (and still is) the occasional violin leads. But I had to see through the veil of strings – after all this band is one of the well-known pioneer bands of the early 2000’s. The album Ocean Avenue was a smash hit in the 2003, and the single tracks Empty Apartment and Ocean Avenue were everywhere. Just recently, the band has been celebrating the album’s ten year anniversary. As a cherry on top they released an acoustic version of the album not long ago! However, I didn’t want to pick neither of the two hit singles or an acoustic track. This particular song is probably my favorite one from the praised album. So listen to this and also try the acoustic version just for celebration!

8. Hit The Lights – These Backs Are Made For Stabbing
I found this band by kind of an accident while browsing Spotify for new bands. Me being an old Metallica fan, the band name got my attention. Hit The Lights turned out to be totally awesome, reminding of All Time Low but with a more pop punk than mere pop feeling. The recipe tastes perfect! This song actually has it all: the catchy vocal melodies, a pop punk breakdown and cool guitar leads in the chorus and the C part. It also keeps amazing me, how after this album the lead vocalist quit the band, so their guitarist took a shot behind the mic, and he had an almost equal sound which enabled the band to keep going on! That’s what I call self-sufficiency!

9. Sum 41 – Fat Lip
Often mentioned with Blink-182, and not only because of the similar number-name, Sum 41 is also one of the genre-defining bands. Fat Lip might be one of their biggest hits, and that’s why I’ve got nothing special to add. My pleasure if you haven’t heard this before!



10. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Taking Chances
You might say that Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are not Pop Punk but these French Easy-Core dudes make better Pop Punk songs than a lot of the “proper” Pop Punk bands recently. Taking Chances is a great example on a more modern take of the Pop Punk formula. Heavy breakdowns and catchy vocal melodies. My heart is at peace. And my head banging!

11. Rehasher – Average
From the more Punk end of the Pop Punk spectrum, I represent to you this awesome band that is Rehasher. These guys know just exactly how to bring the Pop in to Punk. Even with the frantic drums and the not-too-high-end production value, they have amazing vocal and guitar melodies. And needless to say, great songs!

12. Better Luck Next Time – Half Past Forever
Better Luck Next Time just released a new album but I’m gonna go with an older song. Half Past Forever deserves it’s spot on my list just for the last guitar riff of the song. However, the song is pretty damn good throughout. I like the piano on the verses. It brings nice versitility to an otherwise traditional sound. The chorus is great and that last guitar riff with the breakdown. It’s just pure gold.

That’s the list for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify and let us know if there’s a band or a genre you’d like to hear a playlist about!


Briefly in Finnish:

Tällä viikolla jatketaan parhaiden Pop Punk -biisien listaa. Yltä löytyy lista ja perustelut, miksi mikäkin biisi ansaitsee paikkansa sillä.

Toivottavasti tän viikon lista uppoaa. Muistakaa seurata meitä Spotifyssa ja huudella kommenteissa, jos haluutte listaa jostain tietystä bändistä tai genrestä!

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