Playlist: Hidden Gems of Spotify

It’s been a couple weeks since the last since the last playlist but we’ve spent those couple weeks really good. Digging out the hidden gems in Spotify. These are by far at the same time the most awesome and most ridiculous songs you can find in Spotify. A playlist we’ve spent countless hours listening on our way to shows. Let’s get to it!

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1. Startovarius – Hunting High And Low Demo
Even though Hunting High And Low is a great song, there’s one even better song in Spotify. It’s the demo version of the same song! One of the key moments is in the beginning, in which Tolkki checks his guitar before starting the song. After this version you really think that there’s something missing in the original. Let’s hope Otto makes a drum cover of this one!

2. Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing
YEAH! When we need something to sing while driving home, I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith is the song we often choose. The chorus has some nice high notes which are perfect for our voices. Or at least they would be if we could reach them. However, we try to every time.

3. Bloodhound Gang – Mope
Haha, Bloodhound Gang has great songs if you know it’s Bloodhoud Gang. At the end of the song Mope you can hear the best sample of all time. The quote from Homer Simpson. YouTube is full of 10 minute long loops that tend to be even better than the original song.




4. Wu-Tang Clan – I Wish You Were Here
I picked some random Wu-Tang songs on our road playlist once, and this turned out to be a real classic. However, it hasn’t got much to do with rap, since there is this guy totally owning Wu-Tang rappers on this song! The best parts are the verses where the rapper tries to say something, but the chocolate-voiced singer just takes over the mic.

5. Bomfunk MC’s – Sky’s The Limit
Some good and old super hits, Bomfunk is a cool band from Finland everybody knows. If the name doesn’t ring any tones between your ears, try to type Freestyler on YouTube. I think we could pick any song out from their legendary album In Stereo. This particular song has a cool, airy feeling on the synths and the chorus.

6. Stratovarius – 030366
Things turn mysterious when this song starts. We’re constantly making guesses on what intoxicants were the Strato-guys on when they made this song. I guess you could call this a real progressive track. 😀 I mean come on, in the lyrics the singer Timo Kotipelto speaks as a computer prompting a password. This one also has some cool, out of this world keyboard “playing”.



7. Sonata Arctica – Land Of The Free
Me and Otto are big Sonata fans or at least we were when this album came out. Still Jesse is the only one who has shared the stage with them. If I would’ve known that back in the day, I would’ve been so jealous. Actually, I still am… Anyway this song right here is the perfect live song. Especially for a Japanese audience. Or that’s what I’d imagine at least. The fact why I think that, is the “hey hey” part in the middle of the song. We usually blast this song on the car radio after 1 AM when driving back from a show. And shout along of course!

8. Backstreet Boys – Larger Than Life
Alright people. This is the big one. I mean it’s larger than life. Lol. Anyway, we have a soft spot for cheasy pop songs and growing up with MTV at the time of the biggest hype, you really can’t but love (or hate) Backstreet Boys. And once again driving back in the middle on the night, what’s better than to pop this bad boy in and sing along as loud as you can?!

9. Excision – X Rated
It was the Summer of 2012 and we were driving to Oulu for a show. Otto puts on a song and asks if we can guess what it is. We cranck the volume all the way up and almost get scared what’s about to come. We ended up blasting through the whole album several times on our almost 10 hour drive there.



10. Manowar – William’s Tale
I’m still trying so hard to learn this song!

There’s the list for now. What song is your secret pleasure?


Briefly in Finnish:

On ehtiny vierÀhtÀÀ jo pari viikkoa viime listasta mutta tÀllÀ kertaa pamautetaan tiskiin entistÀkin helmempi lista. Aiheena nimittÀin Spotifyn helmet. Eli ne kaikista parhaat ja ÀlyttömimmÀt biisit, mitÀ tykitetÀÀn autossa keikkamatkoilla.

Tsekkaa biisit ja perustelut yltÀ!

MitkÀ biisit kuuluu teijÀn Spotifyn helmiin?

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