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If you had a PC in the late 90’s before all those iPhones and iPods, you probably listened to your mp3’s on Winamp. At least that’s what we did. If you read the unfortunate news in the past weeks, you might be as sorry as we are about Winamp shutting down. Even if we don’t use the software any more, it truly is a heartwarming legacy app from the golden age of mp3’s.

That’s why this week we are doing a playlist of our first mp3’s and favorite songs of that era.

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1. The Offspring – Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
A smash hit of the late 90’s, you really couldn’t avoid hearing this back then. I remember hearing it for the first in the mouths of my friends talking about this really cool song on the radio. Didn’t have to sit beside a radio for a long time to hear the song myself, too, and it caught me right there. The next time I heard it I was already recording it on a cassette. The vocals were so cool I had to learn them, and soon I had memorized them, even though I hadn’t read the actual lyrics anywhere. I bet it would be embarrassing yet fun to hear my version of the vocals, learned by ear with the limited English skills of an 11-year-old. Not long after that, I got the actual lyrics along the album Americana as a birthday present. Americana actually was the first compact disc I’ve ever owned. Not long after acquiring the disc I got to know how to download it.

2. Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler
Another smash hit of my childhood, especially in Finland, but I guess this is one of the most international Finnish songs, too. Bomfunk MC’s was a cool group and I really admired the dreadlocks, the sun glasses and the cool name of DJ Gizmo. And here’s a disclosure from my childhood: I won a solo dancing contest at our school disco, “break dancing” to this song! After dancing as hard as I ever could, I got so dizzy that I had to phone back home for my parents to fetch me out. 😀

3. Method Man, Redman – Blackout
When I was about 9 years old, my family moved to an area that had a chance to test an optical fibre broadband. Basically we had an internet connection of the 2010’s in 1996. Of course I didn’t know about the speed and connectivity. Although, I was happy that our internet connection didn’t have to be started with the rattling buzz of the phoneline modem my friends had. After using the fibre internet for a couple of years, I heard about this thing called downloading. After figuring out how it works I found out this other thing called Napster. This song was among all of the rap songs I downloaded with Napster and listened to with Winamp. Here’s to you Lars reading this, I didn’t know about Metallica those days! 🙂 Being a bit ahead of the time, I was so used to listening to my mp3’s I bought a portable mp3-player with a 32 MB hard drive! That’s right, it could take about 6 songs in it at a time!



4. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit on a snowboard movie for the first time. I was like “What is this? I want to hear this again!” So I watched reruns of the show, then got the mp3 of the track on my computer and listened to it all the time. Nowadays I can’t stand Nirvana.

5. The Offspring – Original Prankster
This was on MTV’s playlist and I liked the riff a lot. Since MTV was the only channel I could hear this song from, I had to get it on my Winamp playlist. I think this was my second mp3 file ever, so every other song I heard was this one.

6. Rage Against The Machine – People Of The Sun
I got the Evil Empire album from my friend and the first track really struck me. I remember that I ripped the first song to my computer with an awful quality, but it didn’t really bother me since the track was so awesome. The riff on People Of Sun is so awesome and it grooves like hell after the bass is introduced. What really shook me was the way Tom Morello plays it. The riff is played only by scratching the pick against the strings. You should really see it for yourself from the video below.



7. Children Of Bodom – Hate Me (Single version)
I know I used this on the Children Of Bodom list already. But I can’t help it! If you give me a list like this, I just have to put this one in here. I got COB’s Hate Me! single as a kid when it came out. From that point on the next few months those two songs on that single – Hate Me! obiviously and the W.A.S.P. cover Hellion – were the only ones on my player. Still probably the best COB song.

8. Aqua – Barbie Girl
Everyone knows Barbie Girl. At least if you ever opened the radio or TV in the late 90’s. We had this album and I heard somewhere you could copy and listen to CD’s on your computer. So that’s what I did. Copied the tracks from the Aqua CD as wav files on our computer. I was confused when I noticed you couldn’t fit more than a few albums worth of wav’s on a hard drive at that time. Later I found out you should rip songs as mp3’s if you wanted to listen to music on your computer.

9. Aerosmith – Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
I remember hearing this song on the radio and thinking: man, that’s a badass song. I got the album and once again there must’ve been one song besides this I really listened to. Soon after getting into this song I got into Offspring, RATM, Metallica and Children Of Bodom so the badassery of this one suffered a bit. It’s still a good song though.



10. Guano Apes – Lords of the Boards
this was my introduction to “nu-metal” music back in the 90’s! Also, i think it was also my first mp3 song if i remember correctly! I still really love this song. It has so much energy and with all this “nostalgia”-value i have for it, its priceless. I think i first heard it on some snowboarding game or something. Also, this girl-singer must have the biggest b*lls for a girl! She sounds awesome!

11. Limp Bizkit – Take a Look Around
I got this song when the second Mission Impossible movie came out. That video used to play all the time on Jyrki (the Finnish version of the music TV show MuchMusic) and every time I just watched it and loved the song! I think Bizkit made a really nice version of the mission impossible theme here. They really made it sound like it’s their song. Also, I remember I had like 10 songs on my Winamp and this one was one of my favorites!

12. Rainbow – Kill the King
Me and my best friend used to have these re-writable CD’s and we used to share our mp3’s together. That’s how I got this song in the first place. To me this was a really kick-ass hard rock song when I was young. I remember I used to listen to it non-stop! I still think Dio is the greatest rock singer there is… Or would be if he was still alive. I’m lucky i got to see him live in 2004! He was like a chimp rocking the stage!

What’s your favorite Winamp memory?


Briefly in Finnish:

Jos ootte seurannu uutisia viime viikkoina niin ootte saattanu lukea, että 90-luvun lopun lemppari mp3-soitin Winamp suljetaan. Se on jotenkin tosi surullista vaikka eihän sitä kukaan meistäkään oo enää vuosiin käyttäny.

Päätettiin silti listata parhaat sen aikakauden biisit tälle viikolle. Biisit perusteluineen yllä!

Mitkä on teijän lempibiisejä siltä ajalta?

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