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November is playing hardball and it’s getting pretty murky here in Helsinki. We thought we’d try lighten up the mood with some feel-good songs. Pop this sucker on when you’re feeling down!

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1. Michael Jackson – Black And White
This song started playing when I was listening to my Spotify starred tracks on shuffle yesterday. And I realized that man, this song really gets me on a good mood. No matter when or where, you can’t feel down with this song on.

2. Last Day Before Holiday – Breathing
This song has reached an almost legendary status among our band. The opening riff is just pure gold not to speak of the guitar lead after the chorus. Put it on! Louder!

3. Twista – Sunshine – feat. Anthony Hamilton
Rap music can be pretty oppressive at times. This song definitely ain’t. Combining two of my favorite rappers and soul singers: Twista and Anthony Hamilton, Sunshine is definitely one of the best songs in it’s genre. This one is a total feel-good song with a chill beat, superb verbal mastery and a smooth chorus. It’ll put a little more sunshine to your day.



4. Forever The Sickest Kids – Crossroads
Everything about this song is just awesome. I like it how they played octaves with the guitar on every part of the song. However, something I especially like is the way they split the vocal lines between the three singers. This can be seen ever better on the acoustic video they have on YouTube.

5. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – In Friends We Trust
The intro riff is so awesome, especially if you look at the video at the same time. All that hand clapping and the faces the vocalist makes in the intro bring a smile to my face. Even though they look a bit strange at the same time.

6. Santa Cruz – Aiming High
I saw a video of a Black Sabbath cover band with Archie from Santa Cruz on lead guitar. I Instantly felt I should go and see the Cruz guys live. They are so much fun to watch play live. This song is probably the best example of their feel-good 80’s rock.



7. New Found Glory – Coming Home – Live
There is no better feeling in the world than Coming Home. Be it after a bunch of gigs abroad, or on a smaller scale: during the last weeks I’ve been listening to this tune while walking back home from work. On the opposite, while getting to the work place during the dark mornings, the music in my ears is definitely not from the feel-good end. But every dark morning a shining afternoon follows! I chose the live version because it adds even more to this one. If I ever get to attend an NFG show I’ll explode from feel-goodness!

8. Andrew W.K. – Party Hard
If something, Andrew W.K. is THE music for the wildest parties. Hence it has to raise the feeling up as well. I mean, which parties are arranged for having a bad mood?! However, this song and AWK in general are not for those chill & relaxing moments round the table. When this tune is on, the table turns into a dance floor!

9. Bob Crosby – Happy Times
Fallout 3 must be the best video game I’ve played on the Xbox. At least the best experience. For a couple of weeks in 2008 I was so immersed into the Capital Wasteland and played like 4 hours a day until complete. The most important part for me in an RPG is the feeling and immersion, and Fallout 3 nailed them. This song was featured in the soundtrack of the game, which in it’s entirety is pure gold. Awesome tracks for the chilling moments!



10. Bruno Mars – Treasure
I don’t know why but this song always works for me! When you hear that 70’s disco-mood and great lyrics you just can’t help but smile. The lyrics and that nice 70’s mood is just killing it! Also, it’s not too “over-produced” unlike much of the music you hear on the radio these days. Bruno must be one of the greatest performers in R’n’B at the moment. You should definitely check out his performances on YouTube.

11. Four Year Strong – Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)
Again FYS, but for a good reason! Even the song title says it: “Eternal Summer”! This is a really nice feel-good song and I used to listen to this really much last summer. Good memories! I love how the song starts with a double bass drum beat! It’s really rare to hear those mid-tempo bass drums anywhere these days, it’s always too fast or nothing.

12. Thundercat – Oh Sheit it’s X

Thundercat must be my favorite “new” bassplayer. He’s also great composer and singer AND plays with Erykah Bady and Suicidial Tendencies! (WTF??..lucky…) This song is great party song and features three bass tracks! You can never have enough bass 😉 You cannot find this song on Spotify so here’s a Youtube link!

That’s the list for the week. Hope it’ll give you an extra boost when it’s dark outside! 🙂

MadCraft BusBriefly In Finnish:

Illat pimenee ja sen mukana meinaa pimentyä vinttikin. Siinä vaiheessa, kun syysmasennus meinaa iskeä, musiikki auttaa! Tehtiin lista, jota kuunnellessa ainakin meille paistaa aurinko vähän kirkkaammin. Pistäkää soimaan, jos on fiilikset alhaalla. 🙂


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