All Time Low coming to Finland!!!



Here’s a thing that made my yesterday:

I got a message from a friend, to whom I actually teach playing the drums. Not long ago we were checking out a gig by Limp Bizkit, which needless to say was awesome. During the aftermath we talked about bands we’d like to see live. The first and brightest wish in my mind was of course All Time Low coming to Finland one day. And this was the message I got yesterday, All Time Low coming to Finland. And here’s how I felt about it:

funny-all-time-low-quotesHELL YEAH! All Time Low is doing a lengthy tour in Europe next Spring, and they’ll be starting from Finland! As some of you might know, All Time Low is one of the greatest influences to our music making and to some extent even general being as a band. But we haven’t seen the guys live, except from Straight to DVD videos. Hence, we still have a lot to learn. And now the chance to do it has come!!!


Making sure this was not a dream I had to check the date out and there it was. All Time Low is playing in Helsinki, Finland on the 16th of February next year at Circus. The venue is not the best to hope for, unless you like some extra reverb or mess to your sound… Don’t get me wrong though, I’m sure it will be totally epic! Bands like Simple Plan and Rise Against have also played there. We haven’t, and this brings us to another wish.

After all my first pre-christmas wish got fulfilled, so there must be an increasing chance to score another! And that is, we want to share the stage with ATL! Well, not to share namely, but to open up the night. If something, that would be a milestone of a scale hard to match for a long time. I’m sure I speak on behalf all four of us, that the most appropriate headliner for us to open would be none other than All Time Low. Maybe Blink would do also… You have to think big to reach the small things hopefully leading to bigger ones!

In the coming days we will start a hunt to find out the arranger for the ATL gig, and try to fill his doorstep with all our legs. Would it be ok for you, our dearest readers, to see us opening for All Time Low?! Let’s all hope for it to happen, it would be unbelievable.

Speaking of clues, I will try my best contacting an inside man. As some of you might know, ATL-drummer Rian Dawson contacted me in Twitter a couple of weeks ago. I remember checking out my tweet mentions one morning, and getting the biggest chills reading Rian’s encouraging tweet!

So who’s going to party with All Time Low at Circus, Helsinki or some other venue?! We at least!!!

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  1. […] All Time Low visited Finland about a month ago. In fact, MadCraft was actually very close to be playing on stage before ATL! The promoters wanted to include us in the line-up with ATL and their tour warm-up band Blitz Kids. Unfortunately at the last minute it turned out that they didn’t have time for three bands in one night. Despite this huge bummer, it was nice to hear that at the same time the band wanted to invite the four of us to watch the show. In other words, we got included on the door guest list! […]

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